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Civil War In Europe?

On Tuesday we talked about the revenge attack in London which indicates that the  population is beginning to become frustrated with the government’s handling of the terrorist problem. This was a revenge attack, but let me start by reminding you that this is not the answer. In Romans 12 we are told: Bless them which […]

Why Non-Muslims Are Turning To Violence

Today I want to give you a video from my friend David Wood, who has been on our broadcast in the past. He has hit the nail on the head. A couple of days ago I touched on the London Attack where Darren Osborne, a non-Muslim, plowed a rental van into Muslims who were leaving […]

Interview With The Jewish Defense League

Today I interviewed two people from the Jewish Defense League in Canada. As usual, when the broadcast is an interview i don’t try to transcribe it because I believe it is better for you to hear it in their own words and voices. Sandra is an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia. She tells […]

Revenge Attack

I want look at this latest attack in London yesterday morning. This time the tables were turned. Instead of a Muslim driving a vehicle into a crowd of non-Muslims, a non-Muslim drove one into a crowd of Muslims. This is Ramadan, and Muslims have to fast while the sun is up, but once the sun […]


London, England In the early hours of Monday morning as Muslim worshipers were pouring out of a London mosque during Ramadan, a motorist aimed his vehicle at the pedestrians. Another vehicular attack in London, this time the target was Muslims. Given the repeated attacks of Muslims using vehicles to target Non-Muslims, this revenge attack could […]

The Imperialism of Islam

Today I want to talk about the imperialism of Islam, but before I do, I want to remind you of the upcoming online seminar on th 29th of June. It will start at 7pm Pacific time and we will be talking about the dangers of Motion M103 that is going through the process of becoming […]

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