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Trump’s Speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  I want to analyze President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. Both President Obama and President Trump spoke to the Arab world. Obama went to Egypt, the largest Arab country in the world, and spoke at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. This is the premiere university in the Arab world. He chose those who sat in […]

The Key of Knowledge

  Today I want to talk about a subject that is dear to my heart. It is the subject of Biblical Evangelism. When I share the Gospel with a lost person, my goal is not necessarily that they get saved at that moment. My goal is to accurately communicate the Gospel message, and I leave […]

Saudi Arabia to join the Woman’s Rights Commission in the UN

The UN just put Saudi Arabia on the Woman’s Rights Commission. At just about every turn, the United Nations keeps losing credibility. What they do is beyond believable. The reason we see so much of this is that the Muslim nations really control the UN. I would say that it is a joke, but it […]

European Crisis over Migrants

I am making this next post a separate article because I don’t want to detract from the previous article on the Jonson Amendment. If you want to hear the audio, it is in the previous post’s audio player. It starts an about 8 minutes into the broadcast. I want us to look at the immigration […]

Trump Blocks the Johnson Amendment

  Fortress of Faith is happy that President Trump has fulfilled a campaign promise to block the Johnson Amendment.  This legislation has been used by liberals as a billy-club for many decades to restrict the free speech of Pastors of America.  We hope that Congress will step up to the plate to write legislation to […]

General Information About Muslims

  The ministry of Fortress of Faith is giving a Christian perspective to the issues of Islam. We break down the teachings of Islam so the average Christian can understand them. We have looked at the Prophet Muhammad and some of the basic teachings of Islam. Today I want to look at the people, those […]

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