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Wide Gate Christians

Have you ever wondered why churches today seem to impotent when compared with the churches in New Testament times? It seems like the working of God to change lives is absent. It seems like the working of the Holy Spirit is not change peoples lives. As I look back over the years of my ministry […]

Jihad In London

The terrorist attack in London yesterday has resulted in 5 deaths so far, including the attacker. It occurred on the one year anniversary of the Brussels airport attack that killed 32 people. We saw a picture of the attacker, and my guess is that he was either Middle Eastern, or Asian, perhaps Pakistani. He could […]

Christianity Is Exclusive

There is something going on with the motion M-103 in Canada. It is an effort by some in Parliament in Canada to protect Islam, and to elevate it over any other religion in the land. It singles out Islam as an untouchable religion. It cannot be criticized. Doing so is islamophobia and a criminal offense. […]


I want to share a couple of testimonies from some missionary friends of mine. One is in Zambia. I was recently in a missions conference with him and he shared some of his experiences with Muslims in his community. Many of them are immigrants into Zambia so they have to behave themselves or the government […]

Take Action

Your browser does not support iFrames, please click here to access our media center.   One of the things that I often say is we must stand at the corner of truth and courage. It is good to be on the road of truth, but we must travel to the corner of courage. There is […]

In Defense of Freedom

Yesterday I mentioned the election in Holland. Unfortunately the person we hoped would win,¬†Geert Wilders, lost. He is the leader of the Freedom Party, and has taken a very strong stand for Holland remaining Dutch. He says we welcome immigrants, but only immigrants who recognize that Holland is a Dutch country. Those who come must […]

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