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Quotes On Islam From My Files

Theodore Roosevelt Christianity is not the creed of Asia and Africa at this moment solely because the seventh century Christians of Asia and Africa had trained themselves not to fight, whereas the Moslems were trained to fight. Christianity was saved in Europe solely because the peoples of Europe fought. If the peoples of Europe in […]

Manchester Suicide Bombing

Today I want to look a little closer at the terrorist attack in Manchester, England. Manchester is the third largest city in the UK. The attack was at a concert of the American performer Ariana Grande who attracts a lot of children and teenagers. The attacker, 22 year old Salmon Abedi, was strapped with a […]

The Christian Response to the Muslims Coming to America

What should be the Christian response to Muslims coming to America? Prov 29:2 ¬†When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. It is important that we elect leaders who stand for righteousness. Righteousness comes from the precepts of God’s Word, not from man’s morality. Morality […]

Manchester: Why?

I want to start today be looking again at the terrorist attack in Manchester, England. This is the second largest terrorist attack in the UK. The largest was on July 7, 2005 where more that 50 people were killed. This attack killed 22 people and 59 taken to the hospital, with more than 100 others […]

Bombing in Manchester

  There was another terrorist attack in the beautiful English city of Manchester. I used to live just outside Manchester. The attack was at a concert hall where pop singer Ariana Grande had just finished performing. It appears that the explosion went off at the end of the concert as people were exiting the arena. […]

Trump’s Speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  I want to analyze President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. Both President Obama and President Trump spoke to the Arab world. Obama went to Egypt, the largest Arab country in the world, and spoke at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. This is the premiere university in the Arab world. He chose those who sat in […]

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