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The Two Islams – Part 2

Your browser does not support iFrames, please click here to access our media center.    Yesterday I stated on the subject of two Islams. Some of  you thought I was going to talk about the two major groups within Islam, the Shi’ites and the Sunni. That is not what we are dealing with, but before […]

The Two Islams – Part 1

    Today I want to talk to you about the two Islams. As you know, Fortress of Faith is a Christian apologetic ministry. This doesn’t mean we apologize, it means we give a defense for what we believe. But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and [be] ready always to [give] an answer […]

Resisting Islamic Immigration

Your browser does not support iFrames, please click here to access our media center.   Let me start by giving a report on our first webinar this past Saturday. We did have a few technical difficulties and apparently only 50 people were allowed to get in. I heard from many of you who tried to […]

Events In South Dakota – Continued

Today I am going to pick up where I left off yesterday on the events in South Dakota. Before I do, let me remind you of the live webinar we are having tomorrow morning at 9:00 am Pacific time. On the east coast that would be 12:00 noon. To join the webinar go to or […]

Events In South Dakota

On today’s broadcast we had Shahram Hadian, our old co-host on our Saturday broadcasts. Shahram was recently involved in an incident that is making news, as it should. He was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with Brannon Howse and World View Weekend on a 5 day tour. About 10 days before the event, the Islamic Center of […]

M103 Webinar

Before I get into the details on the upcoming webinar I want to look at a couple of news items. Yesterday there was a shooting in Fresno, CA. The shooters name was Kori Ali Muhammad. His goal was to kill as many white people as he could, and he did kill three white people, and attempted […]

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