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Harrassment from CAIR in Washington State



In October of 2012, a local teacher in Concrete, Washington with a spotless 20 year record was talking to a group of middle school students about the “Rachel’s Challenge” Assembly on bullying they had seen earlier. Later the teacher talked to the class about bullies who use threats of violence and intimidation tactics to impose their will on other people in history, such as the Nazi’s. Students talked about what they knew about Hitler and the discussion led to the subject of terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. One student raised her hand and said, “My dad is a Muslim and the things you are saying are not true.” The teacher explained that she was not talking about individual Muslims or even Arabs but only the groups that have indeed used violence to impose their will on others.

The student went home and told her dad, a convert to Islam, who went directly to file a complaint with the Washington State Affiliate of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Neither the school nor the teacher knew there was a problem until CAIR filed a complaint with the school. The school district did an investigation and was satisfied that there was no factual basis for the claims and dismissed them. By their own admission at a press conference last week, CAIR-Washington had not spoken to anyone other than the child in question and the father. Not being satisfied with the results of the District’s investigation, CAIR-Washington filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and was attempting to find a venue for a community meeting where they could explain Islam to the community. CAIR-Washington is appearing to smear this good teacher’s name on their facebook page and website and has put this teacher in unnecessary fear-all on the false allegation of one 13 year old.

Isn’t it the height of irony that all this started around a reasonable discussion about how kids can handle bullying? CAIR-Washington is providing the ultimate object lesson on how to bully a local community into submission.

A committee of town’s people were informed by a local resident familiar with ACT! for America’s mission to stop radical Islam, that they have a choice-they stood at a fork in the road-to simply let the school district remain silent and handle the matter with their legal counsel or they could DO something to stop CAIR-Washington’s bullying tactics.

The citizen explained who ACT! For America is and what ACT! can do to help. If they decided to do nothing, their decision would be respected, but if they wanted to fight back, ACT! for America would be there for them. The town’s people sat in stunned in silence as they heard these things. The citizen asked them for a show of hands to let the attorneys handle it. Not one hand went up. The teacher began to cry. Then the citizen asked if they wanted to fight back and every hand shot up! The teacher covered her face with her hands, put her head down and let out an audible sob.

The teacher could not believe that so many people cared about her and are willing to fight. The town of Concrete will not be bullied! They are ready to ACT! But they could sure use your support!


This Tuesday night, March 19th, at 7:30 pm, the community of Concrete and supporters from around the state will come together at a local church (The Concrete Assembly of God, 45734 Main St., Concrete, WA-just under 2 hours north of Seattle) to stand up to the bullying tactics of CAIR-Washington.

ACT! for America’s Washington State Director, Kerry Hooks and Shahram Hadian of The Truth In Love Project will be discussing the situation that resulted in the filing of a complaint with the Department of Justice and will be exposing CAIR and their radical agenda that includes being the U.S. propaganda arm for Hamas.

We need to generate as large a crowd as possible that night to show the media just where the citizens of Concrete and all of Washington stand on this issue and that this teacher must be supported! (Please realize that we don’t have to act by our enemy’s standards. We can resist in a respectful, but firm manner.)

CAIR-Washington is testing the waters-just like any bully does. If no one stands up to them, they will only push harder in the future to “educate” Washington students about their agenda. If we stand up to a bully, they will back down. The school yard knows this-it’s time CAIR did.

Today it’s Concrete that’s getting this unwelcome attention. Tomorrow it could be your town.

Be there. Fill your cars with your friends and family and be there!


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