Remember the Beltway Muslim Snipers?

Beltway Snipers  Did you know they lived in Bellingham, WA and they planned their heinous crimes while they lived in Whatcom County.

This is of particular interest to Fortress of Faith because Bellingham, WA is our headquarters.

Although one of their motives was to get rich, the teachings of Islam cheapened their value of American lives and taught that they were worthy of being killed.  You will see that Islam was very influential in the carnage they created.

Lee Malvo was influenced by his mothers boyfriend John Muhammad.   John taught him Islam, firearms, survival and terrorist tactics.  From the court proceedings we learned…


The plan was to create an army of black “super children”: seventy boys and seventy girls who would flood into the United States from a secret compound in Canada to combat racial injustice and build a more perfect society from the bottom up. Lee Boyd Malvo, a seventeen-year-old immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica, was “very confident that this could be done,” his court-appointed psychologist reported.

But the plan required money—ten million dollars—and the best way to get it would be to hold the government hostage. Malvo and his partner, a forty-two-year-old Gulf War veteran named John Allen Muhammad, would kill six people at random each day for one month, sowing panic with random shootings in Washington, DC, and its affluent suburbs. Allen put a mattress in the back of his 1990 Chevy Caprice and carved a hole in the trunk, following the instructions for creating a “sniper’s nest” he had found in an old Irish Republican Army manual. If the money was not forthcoming, they would move on to Baltimore, where they would plant improvised explosive devices loaded with ball bearings among crowds of children. The government would pay them to stop; they would take the money, flee to Canada, and buy a plot of land. They would mold orphaned children into militants, providing weapons training and a revolutionary education, and when those children had become soldiers, they would be dispatched throughout the world to fight the enemies of black people and of Islam.

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