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Winning the Argument about Islam in North America

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Dr-Zakir-Naik-Peace-Conference-2012Yesterday I finished by talking about the Million Muslim March planed for 9/11. The Muslims are claiming that they are the victims and that 9/11 is a conspiracy to make Muslims look bad. Who would have thought that history could be revised concerning such a recent event? Who would have believed that this line could be sold to the American people?

This is not the first lie that the American public has accepted against all normal reason. We were that it is just a blob of flesh in the womb and that the woman has a right to choose what to do with her own body so much that unthinking people bought the lie. We have been told that we, and all of creation, are simply the result of an accident so much that unthinking people have bought the lie.

The new lie is that Islam is a religion of peace when history proves the opposite. The newest part of the lie is that 9/11 was not perpetrated by Muslims, but that it was an inside job done by our government to discredit Islam.

I want to start a series on how to win the argument about Islam. I am not talking about the argument with Muslims, I am talking about persuading non-Muslims that Islam is a threat to our way of life. The goal of is to destroy both Canada and the US. It wants to subvert our laws, abolish our liberties, and annihilate or enslave our Christian and Jewish brethren. I want to show how to persuade your neighbor and colleague or even your pastor to stand up against Islam.

Too many people have attitudes like:

  • Live and let live.
  • Appeasement – Keep them happy – maybe they won’t bother me.
  • I know some good Muslims – they are not bad people.
  • All religions are equal – all cultures are equal – who are we to say we are better?
  • I can’t be bothered – I don’t get involved in politics.
  • Islam is the religion of peace – I don’t join hatemongers and fear-mongers like you.

If we don’t convince people that Islam is a danger to our way of life we will become just like Europe. Islam has such a stronghold on Europe that they are afraid, or even unable, to do anything about their situation. As it is destroying Europe, it will destroy us.

Over the next few days I want to give you a strategy to help you convince people of the danger. You can use our DVD’s to help you. We get responses from those who watch them and we hear things like “Wow, you have opened my eyes. I didn’t realize that these things were happening.” I want to give you a strategy that will help you get people to watch these DVD’s or to come to a meeting where I, or someone else, is teaching on the true nature of Islam and its danger to our way of life.

First thing we must do is know our enemy. Sun Tzu, who wrote “Art of War “in the 5th century BC, said the number one thing is to “Know your Enemy. He also said we must “Define your enemy.” If we are going to win the argument with those around us we need to follow this advice. We need to know our enemy and define him.

Islam has many facets and we must know what they are. There are: the followers of Islam, the Muslims; there is there god, Allah; there is their prophet Muhammad; their doctrines (what they believe); their religious rulings; their prayers; their fasts; their feasts; their alms; their pilgrimages; etc.

We must understand their law, which is called Shariah Law. It covers every area of life. It governs religion, politics, the military, social life, education, finances, etc.

We can’t take on everything at once. We have to break this down and realize that we have various targets and that we must target them in the proper order.

First we must target Islam (the ideology) and not the Muslim (the person). When I was in college taking an Argument and Debate class, I was taught to attack the problem and not the person. If you attack the person you will become a bigot. I have seen many cases where all a person can see is the Muslim and there is hate and hurt in their hearts. You can’t attack the person. You have got to put that aside.

I know that to reach the Muslim we need to focus on them personally. But that is not our goal here. It is to convince those around us that there is a danger that must be addressed. We must focus on Islam, the ideology. We must challenge the ideas of Islam, its doctrines.

Secondly we must target the Prophet not the deity. Just as we must separate the Muslim from Islam, we must separate the prophet Muhammad from deity (Allah). Put your focus on Muhammad and what he taught about Islam. We can’t relate to a deity but we can relate to a person. Keep it human instead of divine or we will get caught up with arguments of Theology.

Muhammad is the greatest authority of Islam. You can quote scholars but scholars are always inferior to Muhammad. Muhammad is put forward as the GREAT EXEMPLAR – the chief example – of how to be a Muslim. This is why Muslims are stuck in the 7th Century. They eat, drink, and dress according to the traditions of Muhammad. Even their sanitary Laws are based upon the example of Muhammad.

I am going to stop here for today. We will continue this series tomorrow.

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