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How To Win The Argument Against Islam – Part II

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Source: Daily Telegraph

Source: Daily Telegraph

Before we get started on the main subject let me give you an update on the trial of Major Nidal Hasan. Remember, he is the Army officer who killed his fellow soldiers while shouting Alua-Akbar, His trial has turned into a mockery of Justice! The first judge assigned to this case was removed because he was considered too hard on Hasan and Judge Tara Osborn replaced him. Here are some of the ruling she has made:

  • Osborn ruled that any presentations that may have shown sympathy to Islamic extremism were ruled inadmissible
  • She Stopped the revealing of evidence of e-mails between Nidal Hasan and another soldier Hasan Akbar, a Muslim US soldier sentenced to death for attacking fellow soldiers in Kuwait during the 2003 Iraq invasion.
  • She restricted the word Jihad from the prosecution.
  • She averted any evidence of Hasan applying to be removed from duty as a Conscientious Objector because of his Muslim faith.
  • She Barred from showing the connections and emails between Hasan an Al Quaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical U.S.-born Islamic cleric killed by a drone strike in Yemen in 2011.
  • Judge Tara Osborn prevented evidence that Hasan shouted Alua-Akbar while shooting his victims.

The purpose of all this is to make it look like this is not an Islamic jihadi attack, but only work place violence. This is a Mockery of the Military Justice system. It tells us the agenda of the Commander in Chief.

Read more here.

Now lets get to the subject I started yesterday, how to win the argument about Islam. Remember, I am not talking about the argument with Muslims, I am talking about winning the argument with those who don’t think that Islam is a danger to our nation and our way of life.

Lets review what we looked at yesterday. The liberal left and media are painting Islam as a peaceful peaceful religion taken over by a few radicals. The truth is that these “radicals” are the true face of Islam. They are the ones that are practicing the precepts of Muhammad and the Qur’an.

Many have an attitude of appeasement or apathy. Sill others accuse us of fear mongering, bigotry, and islamaphobia.

We also saw that we must first define the Enemy. Sun Tzu in his work “Art of War” said we must know and define our Enemy. We must separate Islam from the Muslim (principals over persons – ideals over individuals). We must target the prophet Muhammad not the deity (Allah). Rather than dealing with the theology of Islam we are going to look at the practical side, the conduct that results from following Muhammad, the prophet, the man.

There are four sources that you need to be acquainted with. This does not mean that you have to run out to the bookstore and buy these books, but you do need a working knowledge of them. Everything I am telling you, all of the evidence is in our DVD’s “Uncovering Islam” and “Islam, The Coming Judgment.” You can order these online, or better yet, order by phone at 1-800-716-9272. You can get both videos for $10.00, that is $5.00 each. Educate yourself. Don’t just listen to them, study them. They are broken into chapters to make it easy to study the information.

Here are the four sources you need to be acquainted with:

  1. The Qur’an – The Words of Allah (7th Century) – We are not going to deal with the theology of Islam, but we do need to know what Allah supposedly said to Muhammad.
  2. The Sirat – Biography of Muhammad – Ibn Ishaq (14th Century) – Most people in the west are not aware of the Sirat. It is the biography of Muhammad.
  3. The Hadith – (Mid 9th Century) – This contains the traditions of Muhammad. There are about 60,000 of these that are considered to be authentic.

a. Shahih Bukhari (Shahih means authentic, undisputed, genuine)

b. Shahih Muslim

  1. The Reliance of the Traveler – (14th Century) – This contains quotes from the first three sources and has the modern Gold Stamp Approval of Al Azhar University in Cairo. It is approved by all five of the Islamic legal schools.

The first three of these make up the make up the Islamic scriptures. The Reliance of the Traveler lays Shariah Law and quot the scriptures that support the points of Shariah Law. I am turning more and more to The Reliance of the Traveler because it lays out the belief system and the practice of Islam.

These sources are important because they are the official voice of Islam. We are not going to those who claim to be experts on Islam, we are getting our information from the camel’s mouth.

There is one other source that you can use. It is credible news sources, however, you must be careful and make sure that they are really credible. It is best to check and recheck against other sources. Even some of the best news sources get it wrong.



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