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How To Win The Argument Against Islam – Part III

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Mustafaa Carroll Director of CAIR - TX

Mustafaa Carroll
Director of CAIR – TX

We have been talking about how to win the argument about Islam with those who don’t see the treat that Islam poses to our way of life. We are giving you the tools to help them understand the seriousness of the issue. We need to get them to understand that if we don’t do something now they will destroy our system of government and our way of life. We must learn how to communicate this message to our colleague, our friends, our neighbors, our family, etc.

I hear from you and you tell me that there are many who don’t want to get involved. They call it fear mongering, they hate the labels of bigotry, etc. and they don’t want to stand where we stand on these issues. We need to learn how to communicate this to them so that they “get it.”

I want you to understand where we are coming from and why we say what we say. It is important that you know why as well as what. Understanding why will help you when they throw something at you that you haven’t heard or thought of before. It will help you know better how to use the tools we are giving you.

There are things we must say, but there are also things we must not say. There are some “landmines” out there and we must be careful. We need to know which battles to fight and which battles not to fight at this time.

I am following Sun Tzu’s advice to know and define our enemy. I am trying to define those areas that will be most effective in dealing with our enemy. Remember, the enemy is not the Muslim, it is Islam.

As I have said many times, Muslims are the victims of Islam. Don’t blame them, they are just following the ideology they have been taught. We need to get to the root of the problem, and the root of the problem is the teaching, or the ideology, of Islam. I know many Muslims who are bound to their faith. They are good people. I have developed good friendships with them. The problem isn’t them, it is the ideology of Islam. We have got to deal with the law, the legal issues, that come from Islam.

Secondly, we are going to deal with the Prophet Muhammad, not the deity (Allah). We are not going to get into theological discussions about Islam. We can discuss the theology of Islam with Muslims, but remember, we are trying to convince non-Muslims of the dangers we face from Islam.

I mentioned yesterday that there are four sources with which we must be acquainted. I am going to give you three or four things out of these sources that you need to be able to use because these are from credible sources.

The first source is the Qur’an, the words of Allah given to Muhammad. The second is the Sirat, the biography of Muhammad. The third source is the Hadith which contain the traditions and teachings of Muhammad.

The Sirat and the Hadith are sometimes called the Sunnah, which means the way. They describe the way in which Muslims are supposed to walk and live. Muhammad is considered the great example for all Muslims.

We can quote no greater authority for Islam than Muhammad. If we quote some cleric or some scholar it is just his interpretation, but when we quote Muhammad there is no question because he is the highest authority in Islam. The arguments I am going to give you are the greatest you can find because you will be quoiting from their scriptures.

The fourth source is The Reliance of the Traveler. This is the handbook of Shariah Law and it has the gold stamp from the greatest minds of Islam. In explaining why the points of Shariah Law are correct it quotes from the other three sources, the Qur’an, the Sirat, and the Hadith.

At the end of yesterday’s blog I did suggest a fifth source. This fifth source is credible news reports. You may need examples of Shariah Law working itself out in real life. You can use news sources to show what Muslims are doing in the name of Islam and use the other sources to explain why.

For example, they just burned 50 churches in Egypt, why did they do this? We can show that Islam demands that they do these things. We can show that the Qur’an says this, and the Hadith say this, this is what Muhammad did, etc.

Most people don’t understand why we see all of the things happening in the middle east. Why is they burning churches and killing Christians in Egypt? Why is there the ongoing war in Syria? And so forth. When we look into the Islamic scriptures we see that it is because they are commanded to do these things.

Our goal is that through listening to our broadcast, going to our website, and studying our materials you will be able take this information to the critics and convince them of the truth. This is the only way we can win the battle before us.

Now, here is how we fight the civilization war. First we need to understand that we are in a civilization war. We have enemies on different fronts. We have the liberals and the pagans trying to take our Christian society to a godless society. We have Muslims trying to take us into an Islamic, Shariah compliant civilization. They have made it clear that this is what they are trying to accomplish. All we have to do is listen to their own words. We must realize that we are in a war to save our civilization.

First we must use the weapon of knowledge. They are using this weapon against us. Their propaganda is designed to give us false knowledge about Islam and their goals. We must combat this with true knowledge.

I recently watched a video by Ray Comfort and he was asking college students who Adolph Hitler was. It was hard to believe that most of them did not know. The knowledge of this evil man and what he did is being lost. This opens the door for others to use the same tactics to accomplish their evil goals.

As evil as Adolph Hitler was, he was not stupid. He said “He who owns the youth, gains the future.” It is not an accident that the first institution set up by the Muslim Brotherhood in America was the Muslim Student Association. It was stared in 1962 in Illinois. They went after our youth first. They knew that if they could control what the youth “know” they could gain the future.

Ignorance is a measurement of ones lack of knowledge and America is ignorant concerning Islam. 9/11 woke me up. I wanted to know what was happening. I didn’t want to read what Christians were writing about Islam because I wanted to see things in context. I know that the Bible is often quoted out of context and distorted to make it say things it doesn’t say. I wanted to look at the source.

I set out on a study of Islam by looking to the sources and I am working on a master’s degree in this subject. What I have found is that Islam is evil and what we fear most is true.

Who would have thought that we would need to know about this evil ideology? Well, we do! It is now part or our lives. If we don’t know its goals and precepts we will lose our way of life.

Telling someone they are ignorant on a given subject is not a mean thing. It is simply pointing out that, at present, they have a lack of knowledge on the subject. This lack of knowledge can be corrected by learning the truth.

The knowledge we are going to give you to help others overcome their ignorance is the best knowledge. We are going to give it to you from the best sources, Muhammad himself.

Let me quickly introduce you to the next thing I want to talk to you about, the polarizing of our civilizations. You need to understand that in the west one of the things we value the most is freedom. In America our Constitution is based upon giving freedom or rights to the people. Where did we get this idea? It came from the Bible. It came from our Christian doctrines. This was the first country in the world to put forth a government based upon Christian values in all areas. It produced a great nation that spread freedom around the world. It produced a nation of industrious (hard working) people which resulted in the highest standard of living for common people that the world had ever seen. This was the fruit of our Christian values.

On the other side we have Islam. It is the polar opposite. Rather than freedom, Islam’s core principle is submission. We could sum this up with another word, slavery. The meaning of the word “Islam” is surrender. Muslim means the surrendered.

We need to understand that the battle we are in is a battle for freedom or slavery. The goal of Islam is to make us slaves to Allah. This is a fight we must win. Imagine the consequences if we lose.

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