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Egypt, Syria, and Nidal Hassan

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syria-chemical-weaponsWe have been talking about How To Win The Argument Against Islam for the last few days. Today we are going to take a break and talk about some of the things that have been in the news. It is not a total departure from our subject because these thing show the true nature of Islam.

First I want to look at what is happening in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is upset about their man, who supposedly was democratically elected, was thrown out by the Army. This only happened after the people had shown that they did not want him because of his abuse of power. He was setting himself up as a dictator. In Egypt the Army is a protector of the rights of the people.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not have the power to overthrow the Army and has found another object for their anger. It is the Coptic Christians in Egypt. They have been attacking the Christians. They have burned churches, Christian businesses, Christian homes, etc. They have announced that there will be much more violence against Christians this coming Friday, that is tomorrow. I have told you before that most of the violence happens of Friday because this is the day that Muslims go to the mosques for prayer. While they are there, they are whipped up to a frenzy to go out and attack the enemies of Islam.

They have been going around the Christian areas marking Christian businesses, etc. for violence on Friday. They are warning Christians to leave because they are going to burn their places down.

Be in prayer for the Christians in Egypt. They are being persecuted by the Muslims and blamed for the ousting of their man. It is true that the Christians had complained about the way they were treated, but their complaints and demonstration had all been non-violent. Again, we need to be in prayer for them since they are receiving the brunt of the wrath of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now lets turn to Syria. What is going on there is very dangerous. The use of chemical weapons in that country is absolutely wrong. The use of these weapons has been banned by international agreement. Of course despots don’t pay any attention to international agreements

We have known that Syria has these weapons for some time. Where did they get them? Lets go back to the war in Iraq. We knew that Saddam Hussein had these weapons. Every reliable intelligent agency in the world said he did. We went to war based on this intelligence and when we got there we did not find any WMD’s. Were all of these intelligence agencies wrong? I doubt it.

We had reports that these weapons were move do Syria. One of the most credible reports came from an Iraqi general who was the second in command in their Air Force. He said that most of it was flown to Syria in commercial jets. They striped out all of the seats and loaded in the weapons and flew them to Syria for hiding.

We know that Assad, the leader in Syria, has these weapons at his disposal. We know that these weapons were used, and it is most likely that Assad used them against his own people. However, we must be careful. It is also possible that they were used by the rebels to stir up international action against Assad. Remember, the rebels are mostly Al Qaeda.

While it is most likely that the Syrian government used these weapons, the other is a real possibility. We need to have some good answers before we act on this issue. Don’t misunderstand. We cannot sit by and do nothing about the use of these weapons.

Last year President Obama said that the use of chemical weapons was a red line that, if crossed, would bring action from the United States. He has gained a reputation for making threats and not following through with them. This time it looks like he is going to do something about it. He is receiving a lot political pressure this time. It looks like what he is planning to do is fire a few cruse missiles at some chemical factories to make a statement and to make it look like he is doing something more than just talking.

I like what Charles Krauthammer said last night on fox news. In his opinion we should create a no-fly zone. This would cripple Assad and somewhat level the playing field. This gives the rebels a better opportunity to deal with Assad with out us being involved in the actual fighting.

What ever we do, we must consider the domino effect. What will Russia and Iran do in response to the action we take? Are we going to be starting World War III here? We know that Syria will respond in some way.

How can Syria and Iran attack America? They can’t do it by a direct attack so they will attack our best friend, and probably our only true friend, in the area. They will take out their wrath against us on Israel. The people of Israel are already buying their gas masks and getting ready for the fight.

I am concerned about what Russia and Iran will do. It is a terrible thing that is happening in Syria and I will be keeping an eye on the situation so I can keep you informed.

Nidal Hassan was found guilty this week and was sentenced to death yesterday. Hassan will not appeal this because he wants to be put to death so he can be a martyr for Allah. There will, however, be an appeal because the military justice system requires this when the sentence is death.

Hassan is hoping that when he dies he will be carried into Paradise where he will get to enjoy and ravish seventy-two virgins. I will tell you this, a second after he dies he will regret his choice. He will not find himself in Paradise with those virgins. Here is what he will find according to Luke 16:23 “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…” (I said 6:23 on the broadcast, forgive me)

Nidal Hassan is going to realize that Islam lied to him. There is no Allah, Muhammad is not a prophet of God, and he died believing the lie. He will pay for all eternity for his sins because he was deceived by Islam and it cause him to reject the truth. The truth is that Jesus Christ is God, come in the flesh, to provide salvation for all mankind and he rejected it.

Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

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