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Muslim Training Camps Inside America

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York, South Carolina

York, South Carolina

Today I would like to introduce you to a book by Martin Mawyer. It is called “Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America.”

The book, exposes the existence of dozens of terrorist training camps inside America. These camps are training jihadist terrorists right under our noses here in the United States. It was was the result of years of research.

A lot of the research comes from the help of a young Egyptian man name Ali Aziz. He was an undercover agent with the NYPD. He lived for eight years with these terrorists in the training camps.

The group is known as Muslims of the Americas. Muslims of the Americas is a front group for a known terrorist group called Jamaat Al Fuqra (“community of the impoverished”). This group has been convicted of numerous terrorist-related crimes in the United States. Their crimes go back to the 1980s. Among their crimes are welfare fraud, white-collar crimes, gun running, firebombing, drug crimes, weapons crimes, and murder.

Ali describes Muslims of the Americas as a Sleeping Bomb that is soon go off. This group has created a secret army of guerrilla trained jihadists, ready to strike at the heart of America at a moments notice with “one word” from their leader, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani He rules his American followers with an iron fist from Pakistan. He tells his followers that he is omnipresent and watches their every move.

This book blows the cover off Muslims of the Americas. It reveals how the Beltway Snipers were given refuge at Muslims of the Americas camps during their reign of terror in 2002. It reveals how, even today, these Islamic camps engage in illegal activity, including forced polygamous marriages, brutality against women and children, stockpiling illegal weapons, welfare fraud, and much more.

The Wall street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and beheaded by a jihadist, was also investigating this group. While he was on his way to interview Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan he was kidnapped, beheaded and dismembered. Martin Mawyer’s research has uncovered never before revealed links between the murder of Daniel Pearl and the infamous Sheikh Gilani.

Undercover agent Ali insists that he has given law enforcement more than enough evidence to shut down these camps, but they have failed to take action. While President Obama is in control it is not likely that these groups will be prosecuted.

The group has now sued Martin Mawyer and his organization Christian Action Network for Libel. However, Mawyer has welcomed the group to meet him in court to prove his accusations in a court of law.

We are hoping to hear from Mawyer in the near future.

You can get the book, both in paperback and Kindle format here.

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