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Are The Wild Fires Islamic Terrorism?

Listen to today’s broadcast:

WaldoCanyonABC news reported that Al Quaeda’s magazine “Inspire” Issue 9 (last year) had an article encouraging Muslims to attack America with Firebombs. The magazine teaches Jihadist how to create “ember bombs”. It gives detailed instructions on how to ignite an “ember bomb” in a U.S. forest, how to study weather maps and dry wooded areas. It said: ” In America there are more houses built in the country than in the cities…” It called upon Muslims to target California, Montana, and other western states. For more information go to their website here.

I am bringing this report to you because we are experiencing a large number of forest fires across our western states, many of them started by arsonists. We must be aware that this type of jihad is encouraged by Al Quaeda and take action to combat these arsonists.

Remember, not every Muslim follows the true teachings of Islam. Within Christianity there are many who profess to be Christians who have no idea what the Bible teaches. We can praise God that they have the same problem in Islam. There are many professing Muslims who have no idea what Islam really teaches. Those who are true Muslims, those who study the teachings of Islam, those who want to be good Muslims, will give themselves to jihad. They will try to destroy the non-believer and to strike fear into their hearts.

I want you to listen to William Scott, a former public servant with National Security Agency. He is speaking on the subject of economic Warfare and Fire Wars. You can watch the YouTube video here.

The ABC news report Mr. Scott references is found hear.

You can read a Denver Post article on the Waldo Canyon Fires here.

Folks, this stuff is real and we need to be aware of the tactics of our enemy.

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