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Revival Part 3

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NO-REUSE-Amelie-and-Elliott-next-to-a-body-outside-Westgate-Shopping-Mall-in-Nairobi-2296792Because I have been traveling this week I haven’t commented on what happened in Kenya this past weekend. Before I continue on the subject of revival I want to tell you the story of a four year-old boy. His name is Elliot Prior from Berkshire in Great Britain. In an astonishing show of courage, he confronted and even chastised one of the gunmen and escaped with his life.

According to the Daily Mail, Elliot had been hiding with his sister Amelie and their mother Amber under a table in a grocery store, with Amber sheltering her children under her own body for an hour and a half, when they were discovered by the terrorists, one of whom shot her in the thigh.

But when the terrorists asked if there were any children still alive in the store, the mother stood up and answered in the affirmative, in the hope that they would be spared. It was at that point that little Elliot confronted the terrorists, telling them that they were “bad men.”

Bizarrely, upon learning that Amber was of French origin, the gunmen began to plead with her for forgiveness, insisting that Islam “is not a bad religion” and urging her to convert.

“He told me I had to change my religion to Islam and said ‘do you forgive us? Do you forgive us?’,’ she told The Independent newspaper. ‘Naturally, I was going to say whatever they wanted and they let us go.”

Then, in an act which stood in stark contrast to the brutal massacre they had just committed, the terrorists handed the brother and sister chocolate bars before they fled with two other children, including a 12-year-old boy who initially refused to leave his dead mother behind.

This story and the whole incident in Kenya shows why this ministry is so important. The terrorists from the group “Al-Shabaab” were bent upon killing. An article from CNN said that the killers refused to negotiate, they only wanted to kill. In spite of their desire to kill innocent people these terrorists did not see themselves as “monsters,” and did not want others to think that Islam is a bad religion.

Folks, we need to understand that Islam teaches that killing innocent people in the name of their God, Allah, is a good thing, and if they die in doing so they are rewarded with direct access to Paradise. You can’t reason with people who think this way in the same way you reason with those who have a biblical outlook.

Western leaders could learn something very important from this little boy. You don’t defeat Islam and Islamic terrorists by giving in to them. You defeat them by standing up to them. Every time you give in, even on the smallest issue, they see you as weak. This encourages them to push even harder.

As I have said before, the solution to the Islamic problem will not be found in the White House. It will be found in the church house.

Revival is the only answer to the problem of Islam. All of our problems, political, economic, social, etc. a the result of our turning our back on God and His precepts. That is why I am spending this week talking about revival.

Lets pick up where we left off with the testimony of Duncan Campbell concerning the 1949 Lewis Island Revival:

DuncanCampbellAnd I turned to the elder and said, “I think we had better open the doors again and let them in.” And within a matter of minutes the church was crowded at a quarter to twelve.

Now where did the people come from? How did they know that a meeting was in progress in the church?

Well, I cannot tell you. But I know this, that from village and Hamlet the people came. Were you to ask some of them today, “What was it that moved you?” They couldn’t tell you. Only that they were moved by a power that they could not explain and the power was such as to give them to understand and see that they were hell deserving sinners.

And, of course, the only place they could think of where they might find help was at the church.

And here they were between 600 and 700. There was a dance in progress that night in the parish. And while this young man was praying in the aisles the power of God moved into that dance and the young people over 100 of them fled from the dance as though fleeing from a plague and they made for the church.

When I endeavored to get up into the pulpit I found the way blocked with young people who had been at the dance. When I went into the pulpit I found a young woman, a graduate of Aberdeen University who was at the dance and she is lying on the floor of the pulpit crying, “Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me?”

God was at work and Peggy’s vision now actual and real, a church crowded with young people as well as old. Well, that meeting continued until four o’clock in the morning. And as I was leaving the church a young man came. Oh, he is not a Christian.

But he is a God fearing young man and told me this story. “Mr. Campbell, there must be anything between 200 and 300 people at the police station. They are gathered there and some are on their knees.”

Now I can’t understand this. Now he wasn’t in the church, you see. But here a crowd of men and women from a neighboring village five and six miles away were so moved by God that they found themselves moving to the police station because the constable there was a God fearing and well saved man. And just next to the door Peggy’s cottage. And they were there and this young man begged of me to go along to the police station. And I went along and I shall never, never forget what my ears heard and my eyes saw that morning.

Young men were kneeling by the roadside. I think just now of a group of half a dozen one of them under the influence of drink and his old mother kneeling beside him and saying, “Oh, Willie, Willie, are you coming at last? Willie, Willie, are you coming at last?”

And Willie today is the parish minister of [?]. And from the group of young men who sought the Lord that night there are nine in the ministry today. God moved.

My dear people, that is revival. That is God at work and I [?] that is a crying need of the Christian Church in Canada today. Not this effort and that effort on the basis of human endeavor, but a manifestation of God that moves sin ners to cry for mercy before they go near a place of worship.

Well, we are singing at this meeting when I saw the door of a cottage opening and I saw an old woman coming out with a black shawl on her. And she walked over and she got a hold of one of the elders, a tall man, a strong man , a heavy man. And she said to him, “I wish you people you would go home and let people sleep.”

I can still see that dear man going over to her and taking her by the shoulders and shaking here and saying, “Woman, get away home. You have been asleep long enough.”

But from that meeting I went back, back to Barvas.And when we arrived at the manse, the minister was with me, we found an elder waiting us to say that a farmer was in great distress of soul. Now this man hadn’t been near a church for 12 years. He just lived for his cattle and horses. He lived for the earth. But he had a godly wife and a godly daughter. And they were concerned about him. They invited me prior to this incident to the farm and I spoke to the old man and he said, “Oh, well, I may turn up at the church some time.”

A year or two after that he was seen walking down the road to the church and one of the elders said, “Have you thought the suit he had on was the suit he was married in.” It wasn’t certainly a modern one. He went to the church at [?] and the church was so crowded that he had to sit on the pulpit steps just quite near to me. And God spoke to him. Oh, he was in a fearful state crying and repeating, “God, hell is too good for me. Hell is good for me.”

Oh that we could see conviction. That is one thing that I have been crying for at this conference, that conviction of sin that will get men and women prostrate in the presence of God. Oh give it to us. Give it to us.

Well that is all for today. We will continue with Duncan Campbell’s testimony tomorrow. Remember, Revival among God’s people is our only hope.


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