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Revival Part 4

Listen to today’s broadcast:

DuncanCampbellWe will continue today looking at the testimony of Duncan Campbell concerning the revival on Lewis Island. This was an amazing revival. He only intended to be on the island for ten days but, because of the moving of God, he was there for three years. Here is the next part of the transcript of the audio we have been playing on the broadcast:

But I think I ought to tell you a rather amusing incident. We weren’t in favor with all. There was a certain section of the Christian church that bitterly opposed me. Oh I was a madder minion. And I was teaching strange doctrines. When I was proclaiming not the baptism of the Holy Ghost or the definite subsequent experience of conversion. No, my dear people, I believe that. It may cross your path, but there it is. I want to say this in passing, that I believe it was because the people of Lewis grasped that truth that we can say today we know practically nothing of backsliding from that gracious movement of years ago. It is because they entered into the fulness and because of that a stream of men and women going out into full time service.

Well, we are singing at this meeting when I saw the door of a cottage opening and I saw an old woman coming out with a black shawl on her. And she walked over and she got a hold of one of the elders, a tall man, a strong man, a heavy man. And she said to him, “I wish you people you would go home and let people sleep.” I can still see that dear man going over to her and taking her by the shoulders and shaking here and saying, “Woman, get away home. You have be en asleep long enough.”

But from that meeting I went back, back to Barvas. And when we arrived at the manse, the minister was with me, we found an elder waiting us to say that a farmer was in great distress of soul. Now this man hadn’t been near a church for 12 years. He just lived for his cattle and horses. He lived for the earth. But he had a godly wife and a godly daughter. And they were concerned about him.

They invited me prior to this incident to the farm and I spoke to the old man and he said, “Oh, well, I may turn up at the church some time.” A year or two after that he was seen walking down the road to the church and one of the elders said, “Have you thought the suit he had on was the suit he was married in.” It wasn’t certainly a modern one. He went to the church at [?] and the church was so crowded that he had to sit on the pulpit steps just quite near to me. And God spoke to him. Oh, he was in a fearful state crying and repeating, “God, hell is too good for me. Hell is good for me.”

Oh that we could see conviction. That is one thing that I have been crying for at this conference, that conviction of sin that will get men and women prostrate in the presence of God. Oh give it to us. Give it to us. But that night after being at this field meeting I along with the elder and the minister went to the farm. We found every room in the farm house packed with people praying. Oh, they were praying for the farmer. They were afraid that he would go mental.

So I said to the wife, “Where is Donald?” “Oh, he is down in the room there. He is in a terrible state. Oh that God may have mercy on the mighty sinner.” Oh, she was speaking truth. May God have mercy on the mighty sinner. So we went down the passage and she gently opened the door and there is the farmer on the knees and again he kept repeating, “God, can you have mercy on me? Can you have mercy on me? I seem to feel that hell is too good for me.”And there he is and we are standing at the door. He is quite unconscious of us being there. And then the wife spoke.

Now, you needn’t laugh at this. I am just stating a fact. The wife spoke and this is what she said, “There is the mighty sinner and may he take his tummy full of it.” Well, that wasn’t the word she used. “May he take his tummy full of it.”

.What did she mean? Oh, she was crying to God that God would so shake him out of his sin that his experience of God would be real. Let him stew in his sin conviction. In the words of Mary Murray, “Let them stew in their conviction. Leave them there.”

Oh how often I heard her say that during the Lewis revival. “Leave them there. Let God deal with them.” And though I sometimes feel, dear people, that we take things out of the hand of God by our counseling. Oh that we might get to the place where with confidence in God we leave the work therein.

The following night he asked for a meeting in the house. In the morning God met with them in a glorious deliverance and he asked for a prayer meeting. Do you know that out of that prayer meeting there are four ministers in the church today, Donald McLeod’s prayer meeting.

Let me break in here. There is a mighty lesson for us in what has just been said. The wife said, “There is the mighty sinner and may he take his tummy full of it.” Oh how important it is for us to realize that when we are faced with our sin it ought to bring this type of remorse. It should cause us to realize that we deserve God’s judgment. Easy believeism that say say this prayer and get your ticket to Heaven is not the type of evangelism that brings true salvation. Psalm 34:18 tells us that a broken heart and a contrite spirit bring salvation.

Now we are going to see another interesting story about Peggy. She is 84 years of age and she is blind. She had the hand of God on her. We are never too old or too handicapped to be used of God if we will just let Him use us.

Well, now I could go on talking to you about incidents and how it began. But I think I ought to mention one or two of the supreme features of the movement. First of all, of course, it was the awareness of God. That, to me, was the outstanding thing, the presence, the fear of God in the parish and in the neighboring parishes. You could speak to any person and you would find them thinking about God and crying for mercy. That is when a person is ready to get genuinely saved.

Now that is the fact that cannot be disputed. God was everywhere. And because of this awareness of God the churches were crowded, crowded. Through the day, right on through the night until five and six o’clock in the morning. In revival time does not exist.

You see, the presence of God [?] and there was and I cried to God to so move in our midst that the program will go in the present. Take the place. Well, that is what happened.

But perhaps one of the main and outstanding features was this deep, deep conviction of sin. Now I can’t explain this. You would have to be there to see it. But here are two incidents. That dear old lady came to me one day and she said, “I feel led to ask you to go to this particular part of this parish. There are mighty sinners there that need salvation.”

“Well,” I said to her, “You know, I have no leadings to go there. They will be opposing me and I don’t suppose I could get any place to hold a meeting in.”

And she looked at me and said this. “Mr. Campbell, if you were living as near to God as you ought to be he would reveal his secrets to you also. And I took that as a rebuke and I went back to the manse and I said to the minister, “I think we ought to spend the morning with [?] and wait upon God with her in the room.”

So she agreed and she and her sister knelt with us in the little room. And that dear woman began to pray and I can give you her prayer. “Lord, you remember the conversation we had this morning at two o’clock and you told me you were going to visit this part of the parish with revival. And I have just spoken to Mr. Campbell about it, but he is not prepared to think of it. You better give him wisdom because the man badly needs it.”

Well, that was what the dear woman said. And when we rose from our knees I said to her, “Well, Peggy, now where do you wish me to go and where is the meeting to be held?” “Oh, you go and God will provide the congregation and the meeting place.” “Well, Peggy, I will go.” “Well, you better,” she said. “You better.”

We will continue this tomorrow. God bless you until then.

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