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Report On The Meetings In The North West

Listen to today’s broadcast:

AFR-LogoFor the last few days I have been up in the Pacific North West. We have had great meetings with our listeners in Bellingham Washington, Surrey/Vancouver, and Victoria British Columbia. It has been great meeting with our listeners. KARI in Blaine Washington is our home station and it has been great being back up here. It has been a thrill to my heart to be able to put faces my loyal listeners.

Some of you came to see who it is that you have been listening to for some time. For you it may have been a disappointment. I have said many times that I look better on radio than I do in person. One person in Victoria told me that they pictured me as an older person with more gray in my hair. Well, I’m not old and I’m not young, I guess I’m middle aged.

We will be trying to get around and meet those of you in other areas also. You will hear more about that in your local area when we get ready to do it.

Today I want to share with you some of the things I shared with those in the meetings.

You are going to hear a change in our opening and closing jingles in the near future because we want it to match what we will be doing on our upcoming Saturday show. We have a new logo and we will probably have some changes to our website.

I would also like to remind you that when we get back to the east coast we will be starting our fall sharathon so we can continue doing what we do. This is a listener supported ministry so be praying what God would have you do so we can continue doing what we do in your area, and across North America. We can’t do it without your support.

There is one thing I would like to correct. At the meetings a lot of you said some very nice things about me and this ministry. The success of this ministry is not me. All credit goes to God. It is amazing what God has done, and is still doing, to cause this ministry to grow. I don’t have the time recount the history of all that He has done.

One important part of this ministry’s success is you, the listeners. It is your listening and supporting this ministry that has made it the success that it is. I praise God for you and your support.

The news that I really wanted to share with you is that we have been making plans to go on American Family Radio (AFR). This is a very big move for us. It is going from the minor leagues to the majors. AFR is a very large and very influential radio network. They are well know for their conservative values and the stand they are taking on the immoral things that are becoming commonplace in America; issues like abortion, issues like homosexuality, issues like the changing of our constitutional standards.

For example, the courts have reinterpreted the first amendment to mean something totally different from what was intended by the Founding Fathers. In stead of protecting religion from government interference, it has been changed to mean that the government must keep religion from the public forum.

AFR is standing for righteousness. It is the salt and light that Christians are supposed to be in our local communities. They are doing it on a national level. They want Fortress of Faith to join their network. They have given us a great rate but it is still expensive.

We raised the seed money to get things started last spring. I was hoping the get it going back in July. We produced our first to programs, but before we could get it started they came back to us and said, we have listened to Tom on his daily broadcast and the content is exactly what we want. But, they said that their listeners respond better to a program that has more than just one person speaking for an hour.

They didn’t say no, they asked us to consider getting a co-host. In looking at this I made a long list of possible co-hosts and came up with two names. I wanted someone with the qualifications necessary to do the job. Both men were agreeable and excited about the prospect of joining us of Fortress of Faith. I am announcing that Shahram Hadian has agreed to come on as the co-host on our weekend program. This will be a one hour program airing on Saturday.

Many of you may be in an area not covered by AFR. We will have the broadcast online and you will be able to catch in on our website, We will also be talking to our present stations to see if we can air it on them also. We would like to have it on all of our stations, but it does raise the cost.

Let me tell you about Sharhram in case you don’t know who he is. He is a former Muslim who came to Christ about 12 to 15 years ago. In 1979 his family fled from Iran. At that time the Shah was loosing his power and Ayatollah Khomeini was coming into power. His father was an officer in the army, a colonel, I think, and he could see things deteriorating. They came to America with only their suitcases.

Sharhram, having been raised a Muslim, has a wonderful testimony of how he came to Christ after he came to America. This also gives him great insight into the issues we deal with at Fortress of Faith.

Sharhram’s and my hearts are very closely knit together. We are on the same page in these issues and I am excited about having him join us at Fortress of Faith. Hopefully our weekend broadcast on AFR will get started in the very near future. One of the reasons I am on the west coast now is to do some work on this project.

I want to talk to you a little about the U.S. government shut down and the efforts to defund Obama Care. I want to share some things about this that you may not understand.

The group that is really responsible for this is the Tea Party. They came to prominence in 2010. That was an amazing election. The Tea Party influenced a lot of races in Congress because of their stand against big government and Obama Care.

I don’t want you to miss my point here. I don’t want you to focus on things like Obama Care, that is not my point. Whether you think they are doing the right thing or the wrong thing is immaterial to my point. I didn’t think that the Tea Party and enough influence to cause the other Republicans to go along with them. In my opinion many of the Republicans are liberals and not standing for conservative values.

The point I want you to get is that this group has enough influence and power to get the rest of the Republicans to try to stop Obama Care. It is not particularly about Obama Care, it is about trying to make the government fiscally responsible.

What excites me is that it is these same people who “get it” about Islam. These are the same people I see when I go to the Act for America meetings in Washington D.C. These are the ones who understand the treat of Islam. I have met them, I have been to their offices, I have talked to them about these issues.

Mark Meadows is one of the congress people who is behind the efforts to defund Obama Care. I have been to his office and I have talked to him about the Islamic issues. What excites me is not only that they “get it” but that their influence is growing in Washington D.C.

Whether or not what the Tea Party is trying to do concerning Obama Care is right or wrong is not the point. What is important is that they are also the ones who see the danger of Islam. This encourages me, and I hope in encourages you.

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