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Al-Qaeda Under New Leadership

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alzawahiriIt has been over a week since the horrible attack on the mall in Kenya. The Al-Shabaab terrorist group out of Somalia and killed 67 people in the Westgate Mall.

It was not indiscriminate killing. They did not come in and just start shooting anyone in sight. The questioned the people and told to Muslims to leave the mall. If you could not prove you were a Muslim by answering questions that any Muslim would know, you were executed on the spot. Many others were injured and everyone there was terrorized.

Of the 67 who were killed, at least 18 were foreigners, including 6 from Briton and others from France, Canada, Trinidad, the Netherlands, Australia, Peru, India, Ghana, South Africa, and China.

This group known as Al-Shabaab was criticized by Osama Bin Laden. He wrote them a letter criticizing them for their ruthless and harsh penalties on those whose offences are ambiguous. Osama Bin Laden saw this group a reckless and careless.

I bring this to your attention because al-Qaeda is now under new leadership. The new leader is Ayman al-Zawahiri. He has welcomed the Al-Shabaab terrorist group into al-Qaeda. He seems to have little concern over the ruthless nature of this terrorist group. It is not like al-Qaeda has much concern over their image.

BBC said that the induction of Al-Shabaab shows a new style of leadership in al-Qaeda. Zawahiri and his cohorts are more accommodating and more ambitious in their scope than their predecessors.

Danial Green, who is a fellow of the Washington Institute for Near East policies says, “They’ve franchised themselves out.”

Lia Ferril, a former Australian federal police intelligence analyst, says, “If you add in the affiliates and the franchises and branches then al-Quada is bigger now that it ever has been.”

You are not going to here this from today’s main stream media because it is carrying the lie for President Obama, and Obama wants us to believe that al-Qaeda is an injured animal and that it is no longer a treat to our security. He wants us to believe that we have taken the life out of them and they are on the run.

The fact is, they are branching out, they are reorganizing themselves and they are growing their base. Here is a video of al-Zawahiri sitting next to Bin Laden on what I think is the 6th anniversary of 9/11, and they are discussing openly their praise for the 19 terrorists (they call them martyrs) involved in the 9/11 attack. They are rejoicing and giving praise to Allah for the great thing he did on that day.

Lets take a look at who al-Zawahiri is. He was born in Egypt and was educated at Cairo University in the medial profession, he became a surgeon and a pediatrician. He first met Bin Laden in 1986 in Jeddah and he became Bin Laden’s personal adviser and his physician.

Al-Zawahiri has a personal vendetta against us here in America since on of our air strikes in Afghanistan killed his wife and two of his six children. As a young man, al-Zawahiri was involved with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1981, after Anwar Sadat was murdered, hundreds of members of these groups were arrested and al-Zawahiri was one of them. While in prison he was apparently tortured and gave up one of the leaders of the terrorist organization which led to this leader’s arrest and execution. Oddly enough, Mubarak released Zawahiri and many others who were arrested with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Lets look at his involvement in Pakistan. In 1995 he became the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and they were successful in an attack on an Egyptian embassy in Islamabad. Zawahiri was implicated in the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benzir Bhutto.

His attacks against American interests include the August 7, 1988 embassy bombings across Africa. It was these attacks that resulted in the bringing together of Zawahiri and Bin Laden as Bin Laden recognized him as an accomplished jihadist leader.

Now that he has the reins of al-Qaeda he is expanding their outreach, franchising al-Qaeda out by bringing in other jihadist terrorist groups into the al-Qaeda network and giving them somewhat of a new mission. He is attempting to bleed the U.S. economy by bringing attacks, no matter how small, our our soil. On the anniversary of 9/11 he called upon his followers to increase the number of “lone wolf” attacks similar to what we saw at the Boston Marathon.

While he is also urging more attacks on the level of 9/11, he believes that the “lone wolf” attacks are needed to keep our spending high on security.

He is encouraging Muslims to kidnap westerners and hold them for ransom or for trade for Muslim terrorists in our prisons. He is calling upon them to set forest fires as I mentioned in a previous post. Let me clear something up that was misunderstood by some. We do know that some of the forest fires were started by arson, but we do not know that they were started by Muslims. We do know, however, that al-Qaeda is encouraging this type of activity. It should not surprise us if, when captured, the arsonists turn out to be Muslims following the instructions of Zawahiri.

Lets go back to the shooting in the mall in Kenya. I think we will see more of this type of attack. The airports and places like that have too much security. I don’t think we should lower this security, but I think we will see more attacks where strict security is impossible such as shopping malls and sporting events.

The one thing that makes attacking these places difficult is that our citizens have the right to bear arms. The right of American citizens to bear arms was one of the reasons that Japan did not attempt a land assault during WWII. They knew that, not only did American citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, they also knew that we know how to use them.

We need to be vigilant. What I call “scriptural Muslims,” those who really believe the tenants of Islam, are going to be persuaded to carry out these “lone wolf” attacks. Look at the reward that is promised to those who give themselves to die as a martyr in the cause of Allah. This is the only way a Muslim can be assured of Paradise. With the promise of 72 virgins whose virginity is renewed every day, who do you think is most likely to respond? Young men, of course. These young men are full of passion, full of desire for sex, full of faith, but low in morality, conscience, and sound judgment. This is the product of Islam.

If America would repent of her sins then God would remove the judgment He has put upon us. The good news is that there is a solution. The solution is for us to return back to God.

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