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Why Evangelize Muslims – Part 5

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Next Monday we will be starting on a new station in Pasco, WA. I had a great time with a pastor out their and they want to put our broadcast on their station.

I want to finish on the five reasons why North American should evangelize Muslims and Why we are the best suited to do it.

The first reason we in North America are the best suited to do this is because we have the Gospel message. We have the truth, we have God’s Word. we have the message and we need to share it.

The second reason is we have the means, both financial and technological. God has blessed us with the financial resources, in spite of our economic problems, to reach across the world. We also have the technological resources to reach every point on the globe. God has given us these resources, and in faithfulness to Him, we should use them in His work.

The third reason we in North America are best suited for this job is that the mission field (Islam) is coming to us. We don’t have apostasy laws that prevent Muslims from looking into the Gospel. If we try to take the Gospel to Muslim countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. we will get arrested, and maybe even condemned to death. Converts to Christianity will be arrested and possibly put to death for leaving Islam.

Many Muslims come to America to escape the tyranny of the Islamic states. When they arrive they learn that the things they had heard about America and Americans are not true. This will give them a more open mind about Christianity also. We need to reach out to Muslims rather than keep them at arm’s distance, push them away and treat them with suspicion and hate and indignation. We need to take the truth to them because they are the greatest victims of Islam.

This is not to say that a Muslim who converts to Christianity in America doesn’t have problems in the Muslim community, but the fact that we don’t have apostasy laws gives them some protection.

There you have the five reasons why we in North America should evangelized Muslims. If you missed some of them read over the last five posts and/or listen to the last five broadcasts to bring yourself up to date.

Now I want to look at some things that are in the news.

Today is the day that the trial of Muhammad Morsi starts in Egypt. When he rose to power he started to seize powers that were not legally his. He made himself above the law and as a result many were victimized and killed. This caused his nation to throw him out of power and he is now standing trial for his crimes.

There was also an interesting article by Reuters News Service this weekend. It is essentially telling Obama and America to keep their aid money. Last Wednesday the US announced that it is going to withhold the aid that it has promised Egypt. The US has long been providing Egypt with about 1.5 billion dollars in financial aid. This goes back to the Carter administration and the Camp David Agreement. This was a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel and part of the agreement was that we give Egypt 1.5 billion dollars a year in aid.

Of that 1.5 billion, 1.3 billion actually goes to the military. Very little of the aid goes to the humanitarian needs of the Egyptian people. Most of the aid is in military equipment like tanks and aircraft. The announcement Wednesday said they would be withholding the military aid and 260 million dollars in cash aid. It is being withheld because the Obama administration is upset with Egypt for removing Muhammad Morsi from power.

This announcement comes on the eve of Morsi’s trial. This is making us a mockery in the Middle East. We now have very few friends and people who will trust us.

When the Egyptian Army stood up to remove Morsi, hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members were killed and over 200 of them were arrested, including Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood has been disbanded and made illegal in Egypt. Its assets and buildings have been seized. Because of this Obama has turned off the money tap.

As a result Egypt is telling Obama to keep his (our) money. They will find a friend elsewhere. It seems like they are looking to Russia. There is a lot of criticism coming out of the Middle East on how we have handled a number of the recent issues.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates have promised Egypt 12 billion dollars in loans and grants. I have asked many times why we don’t see Arab states meeting the needs of Arab states. Well, we are finally seeing this happen.

Egypt has been the second largest recipient of our foreign aid, second only to Israel. The reason we have given this aid to Egypt is two fold. First, we were trying to buy a friend for Israel. Secondly is gives us unfettered access to the Suez Canal.

It looks like we might be loosing these benefits. It looks like the Arabs will start working together. It also looks like they will be teaming up with Russia. This sounds a lot like biblical end time prophecy.

Former Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told Israel Radio, “I would not be surprised, by the way, if tomorrow or the day after, the Saudis and others begin to hold talks with the Russians under the carpet in order to ensure there will be a protective umbrella when the time comes.”

We see many people in the Middle East becoming very upset with the Obama administration. Israel has issues with the way the US has approached the Egyptian conflict. According to this article, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are frustrated with US policy. They see Washington as an indecisive super power.

A government official said, “the US position is not clear and not understood and comes at a time when Egypt needs help.” He further said, “For sure the US will loose the support of the Egyptian people and it is natural that the void it leaves by its loss of the Egyptian people will benefit another power in the world.” Hint, Hint, Russia.

It is important that we watch what is going on in Egypt, it is the largest Arab country in the world. We have made the mistake of building up its army with military equipment for so long. Who are they the most likely to use this against? Israel will be the most likely target. It now seem like Egypt has all they need from us and there is nothing to keep them from attacking Israel.

On the positive side, perhaps the money the US saves will be used to strengthen us domestically. I doubt that it will be used in that way, but since we have to borrow the money we give away, it still may help lower our deficit and our debt.

I have put a link to the article I have referenced above but here it is again

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