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Danish Cartoons

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When I was in Washington DC last week, I attended a number of meetings and heard from Congress men and women and many law enforcement officials. I also heard from private citizens who have been victimized over the Islam issues. One was Ezra Levant, a Canadian media personality who gave us the real scoop about the Danish Cartoons.

Ezra Levant is a conservative political activist and author. He is the founder and former publisher of the Western Standard, is a broadcaster and columnist for Sun Media and has written several books on politics and public policy.

He got into Trouble for his printing of the Danish Cartoons and was prosecuted by Canada’s Human Rights Commission in Alberta. What led to the prosecution was a radio debate Ezra had with Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, who complained about the publication. Syed filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and the HRC hounded him for 900 days.

The interview of the HRC with Levant was videoed and released on Youtube. The video went viral but making the persecution he was getting public, the HRC began to feel the heat from outrage of many Canadians.

His Trial with the HRC lasted 900 days. They had 15 procescuters working on the case full-time. Canada has a wonderful law that prevents frivolous law suits (I wish we had it in the United States). If you loose the law suit, you pay the court cost. The HRC is exempt from this law. Mr. Syed paid nothing, all a Muslim has to do is complain to the HRC and they jump into action, spending public money to prosecute Canadians who defame Islam. It cost Ezra about $100,000 in legal fees to defend himself. He said, “The Process became the Punishment.” The HRC has powers to seize your property without a warrant and the confiscated his computers, which for journalist is a death blow to your occupation. The HRC was enjoying a 100% conviction rate as there is hardly no way to defend yourself. The defendant has no right of Discovery or Cross Examination of witnesses. Due to the public outcry, the HRC unceremoniously dropped the case but told Levant they are still watching him.


This is a CASE of FREEDOM of Speech and censorship.

Here is what you have not been told about the Danish Cartoons. It started on 16 September 2005 Danish news service Ritzau published an article discussing the difficulty encountered by the writer Kåre Bluitgen, who was initially unable to find an illustrator prepared to work on his children’s book of the Koran. A Debate over censorship and free speech erupted.

The Newspaper – Jyllands-Posten believed that Non-Mulims should not be compelled to follow laws that are set out for Muslims. They contend that they are free to speak, write and draw anything they wish. They are not subject to Islamic rule. So they asked for artist to submit cartoons of Muhammad to exercise their freedom of speech. Only 12 submissions were sent in and they were printed on one page on 30 Sep, 2005.

Many have never seen the page that was printed that caused all the fuss. Here is that page.


Danish-Cartoon-Main-PageHere are some close ups and commentary on the cartoons.


Danish Cartoon 2

Lars Refn draws a young immigrant names “Muhammed” in a public school in Valby (part of Copenhagen). The text on the blackboard is in Persian and means (or so I’m told), “He is on the death-list, so apparently it is illegal to draw people, who are named Muhammed .“Muhammed’s” shirt is imprinted with the word “Fremtiden”, which means “the future”. Brave New World!
Danish Cartoon 1 By Annette Carlsen – The man says, “Hm … I don’t recognize him”. No. 2 is Pia Kjærsgård, a Danish Politician who is critical of Muslims. No. 3 has a halo and is presumably Jesus. No. 7 has a sign saying “Kåre’s PR. Call for an offer“, must be Kåre Bluitgen – the author who had problems commissioning an artist for his forthcoming book about Mohammed:
Danish Cartoon 11 By Rasmus Sand Høyer – Muhammad is portrayed as a warlord (which he was) but you cannot see his eyes, thus concealing his identity. The Irony is that with the Burka, all you can see are the eyes of the veiled women.
Danish Cartoon 12 By Franz Füchsel. Mohammed urges his mighty warriors to be cool-minded: Easy friends, when all comes to all it is just a drawing made by an Infidel Dane from Southern Jutland“.
Danish Cartoon 8 Erik Abild Sørensen doesn’t pull his punches: “Prophet! Daft and dumb. Keeping women under thumb Notice, there is no picture of Muhammad here. He is making a statement of the abuse of women by Muslim men.
Danish Cartoon 9 Jens-Julius – Mohammed tells the suicide bombers: Stop, stop. We have run out of virgins. This satire is poking fun at the Islamic teaching of Martyrs getting 72 virgins for their reward.
Danish Cartoon 6 Arne Sørensen draws another person drawing the prophet Muhammad in secret. He is covering up his work and done at night under a small light. Depicting the danger in doing this work.
Danish Cartoon 4Bob Katzenelson has drawn. I believe it’s Kåre Bluitgen (see photo). Kåre has an orange in his turban. This is a Danish idiom meaning “to be unexpectedly lucky”.There’s “PR-stunt” written on the orange. Kåre holds a stick-drawing of Mohammed in his hand, so the joke is that Kåre has promoted his career by calling his attention to his difficulties in finding an artist for his book. Danish-Cartoon-10Poul Erik Poulsen has combined Jesus’ halo with the crescent moon. Jesus is considered one of the great prophets within Islam and appears several times in the al-Quran under the name Isa.


Danish-Cartoon-7Claus Seidel has drawn a humble prophet in simple clothes. Isn’t this what we normally imagine Mohammed to have looked like? Where’s the crime?
Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten bragte 30. september 2005 forskellige tegneres bud på, hvordan profeten Muhammed ser ud. Tegning af Kurt Westergaard.

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten bragte 30. september 2005 forskellige tegneres bud på, hvordan profeten Muhammed ser ud. Tegning af Kurt Westergaard.

Peder Bundgaard likes to use the broad ink-brush. As his drawing shows, Bundgaard usually works with design and poster-art. Is this drawing insulting? Only because it was made by an unclean Infidel.


Two Imams objected and orchestrated a rally in in Copenhagen. Only 3,500 came out to it and it was peaceful. The cartoons did not create enough outrage. So the Imams set off to the middle east in Januray, (4 months after the efect) and show the cartoons to the orthodox Muslims.

Danish Cartoon Fabrication

Two of the images were not cartoons. The were photocopies of pictures with insulting words about Muhammad. The picture on the Left is a photograph of a man wearing a pigs nose and pig ears. The caption reads in Arabic “Here is the real image of Muhammad”.

The image on the right is a dog mounting a Muslim man while he was kneeling in prayer. Another is a drawing of Muhammad in a sex orgy with little girls. (not shown)

None of these images were published or presented to the Newspaper. Where did they come from? They were produced by the Imams to outrage and incite the Muslim community to riot.

By the way, the image of the Man with a pig nose and ears was a photograph from a French Newspaper of man in a pig –squealing competition which had nothing to do with the Danish cartoons or Muhammad.


In Jan and Feb, 2006 protest erupted over the cartoons in which over 200 people were killed. Many of those killed were Christians in Nigeria who had nothing at all to do with the publication or the cartoons. European diplomatic missions were attacked, attacks on churches and Christians, and a major international boycott against Danish products.

On the Feb third, 3,500 British Muslims protested infront of the Danish Embassy in London. They held up signs that said, “Massacre those who insult Islam”, “Butcher those who mock Islam”, “Be prepared for the real holocaust”, “Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on the way”, or “7/7 is on its way”; “Europe you will pay, Bin Laden is on his way”, “Freedom go to hell” and “Europe you’ll come crawling, when the Mujahideen come roaring”

The UK has laws against HATE SPEECH. Not one Muslim was arrested, detained for Questioning or Charged with a Crime.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen described the controversy as Denmark’s worst international relations incident since the Second World War. The staff of the News-paper had to live under police protection. Kurt Westergaard, one of the cartoonist was attacked in his home and his would be assailent was shot and killed by the police in Jan 1,2010 ( 4 yrs after the incident) In 2006 a plot to bomb a German train – 2008, the Danish Embassy was bombed in Islambad – A hotel was bombed – In 2010, three men were arrested and convicted for planning to bomb the Danish Newspaper.

We should note that the same Newspaper prints blasphemous material about Christianity, not just Islam. In addition – Anti-Semitic Cartoons too.

Now back to Ezra Levant

Ezra chose to print the Cartoons in his own publication, the Western Standard, and his angle was the self censorship of the West about the Story. He writes for many publications and he was trying to get the editor of a major newspaper to print them. The response he got was….. We cannot afford the $1 million security. He asked many reporters who would criticize his actions to print the cartoons even saw them. Many had not.

Levant said something at the meeting that I think was rather profound. He said, ”

The Danish Cartoons has changed the world more than the Terrorist Attacks on 9/11. The Cartoon incident has done more for Islam in the West than the 9/11. The result of of 9/11 sparked 2 wars and higher security against Islamic terrorism. But the Danish Cartoon incident has casued the West to fall into SELF CENSORSHIP. You can count on one hand the number of news sources in the US and Canada that printed the cartoons. We are afraid and have willingly censored ourselves. We have shut our mouths and complied to the demands of Islam. We have become Dhemmis.

This is part of the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood memorandum for the General Strategic Goal for the Group in N. America. On page 7 it says,

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan (Muslim Brothers) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

We see two hands mentioned in that quote, ‘their’ hands and the hands of the believer. The believer are the Muslims and ‘their’ hands is our hand, the hands of the non-believers. Their strategy is for us to carry our their ends. And when we crush our free speech so that we will not offend the Muslim, we are doing just that.

We are not Muslim so we are not obliged to submit to the laws or dictates of the prophet Muhammad or their God Allah. When we do, we surrender our freedom and every inch we give them will hard to take back.

We should not be intentionally offensive but we should stand our ground and proclaim to the Muslim world that we are not subject to their rules. If they are in our nation, they are subject to our laws of free speech.

Ezra Levant closed his briefing with this statement “Freedom of Speech is the one gift you have to give to you opponent if you want if for yourself.” It is true, in order for me to have free speech, I must allow those who I disagree with to enjoy the same freedom. The door swings both ways. This has made us a great nation and I intend to fight to keep it that way.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” (Ben Franklin)

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