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Obama’s Huge Error

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IranNegotiationsI want to make just a couple more comments about the agreement made over the weekend. President Obama has been calling this agreement a great victory. It is, in reality, a great mistake. Iran was on the ropes and economic sanctions were working. We were not successful in getting them to destroy any of their uranium or destroy their centrifuges. We did not get them to stop their race for nuclear warheads.

We did get them to slow down a bit by giving us promises. We also successfully threw our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, under the bus. We showed them that they can’t trust us.

Another huge mistake was President Obama’s refusal to protect a U.S. citizen. Pastor Saeed Abedini is being held in prison simply because he is a Christian and preaches the Gospel.

President Obama has made some grave mistakes in his term in office and this agreement is probably one of the worst. I parallels the mistake made by Neville Chamberlain, the British prime minister, Bragging that he had a peace accord with Hitler on September 30, 1938. He was holding a signed paper from Hitler in his hand and he announced to the British people “we now have peace for our time.” The agreement expressed the desire of the British people and the German people never to go to war again.

Hitler had given many reasons not to trust him. He had already marched into Austria, Czechoslovakia, Bohemia, and Moravia, annexing them into Germany. Just a year later Hitler marched into Poland, an ally of Britain and the West igniting WWII.

I believe this agreement with Iran is about as well advised at the agreement between Chamberlain and Hitler. Time will tell if I am right

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