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WHAT IS REVIVAL? – The Fearful Awakening

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revivalOne of the major objectives of Fortress of Faith is to see revival in North America. Before I get into the subject of revival let me remind you of the three major objectives of this ministry. The first is resisting Islam. If we don’t resist Islam we will loose our freedoms and our Christian heritage. Secondly we must rescue Muslims. As I have said many times, don’t blame Muslims, they are the victims of Islam. Islam sends its adherents to Hell by getting them to believe that Jesus is just a man, just a prophet, nothing more, and certainly not God. If you reject Jesus, if you are wrong about Him, you are wrong for eternity. Our third objective is repentance and revival for this nation. We can’t have revival without biblical repentance.

I want to spend the next few days looking at revival, what it is, what it isn’t, and how we get it. We need to start by remembering what it says in Proverbs 14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” What lifts up a nation? Righteousness! If you have a nation that has given itself to unrighteousness, to immorality, and to sin, that nation will not be exalted and will be in decline and on its way to destruction. The verse finishes by saying that sin is a reproach to any people, and that is what this nation has given itself to.

I believe that because of the sin of our nation, and the West in general has put us in decline. The West would include all of North America and Europe. The nations of North America and Europe were, at one time, nations that honored and feared God. This is no longer the case.

This is a message that must be communicated throughout all of North America. Some get upset when I say this, but God is judging America for it sins right now. One of the instruments that God is using to bring Judgment upon us is Islam. I believe this sincerely. I am not an alarmist. Those who know me, know me as the eternal optimist. Usually if I get into trouble, it is because of may optimism about things. God has given this optimist a very pessimistic message. It is a negative message, a message that is not popular. The message is true, and it is one that we had better listen to.

The Christianity that is being lived today is sub-normal Christianity. This sub-normal Christianity has been the standard for quite some time and it has become the new normal.

I like to illustrate what I am talking about by by golf game. When I took up golf I fell into the mentality of “grip it, and rip it.” If I wanted to hit the ball straight on my fairway, I would aim to the right. I am left handed and I had a terrible slice. I had a sub-normal golf swing which had become my normal. One day I took some lessons and it ruined my game. It took about a year to get back my game, but the lessons paid off in the long run. I started hitting the ball straight and I now had the real normal golf swing.

The point that I want to make is that Christians of our day have slipped into sub-normal Christian living. What to I base this upon? Just read your New Testament and look at what God was doing with these people at that time. They were living super-natural lives. When the Holy Spirit did His work in the lives of these believers, they accomplished some amazing things. That is supposed to be the normal Christian life.

When a Christians experiences revival, when they break through the humdrum of what is called Christian living today, we call that person a super-normal Christian. Actually that is supposed to be the normal Christian life.

I want to talk about how to get to that super-normal, or in reality normal, way to live the Christian life where God works in the lives of His children. When we look at the great revivals of yesteryear we see some patterns that have developed. I have been a student of revivals for some time. While I was living in England I had the opportunity to meet some people who were alive during some of these great revivals.

I met an elderly gentleman years ago in South Wales, I imagine that he has passed away now. He was a child during the Evans Roberts revival. Oh what a moving of God in part of the world. I also met a lady who was alive during the Duncan Campbell revival on Lewis Island.

If you study the revivals of the past, if you study what are called the “Great Awakenings” here in America, there is a common thread that flows through all of them. There is a term for this, it is called an awakening. God’s people wake up to certain things, like their personal sinfulness and the sinfulness of their nation.

We recently played the audio of Duncan Campbell recounting what happened during the Lewis Island Revival. Here is a quote from that recording. There were two things that really stood out to him during that revival. Just to give you an idea of what God was doing, he went there to preach for ten days and ended up being there for three years.

Here is what Duncan Campbell said:

First of all, of course, it was the awareness of God. That, to me, was the outstanding thing, the presence, the fear of God in the parish and in the neighboring parishes. You could speak to any person and you would find them thinking about God and crying for mercy……

But perhaps one of the main and outstanding features was this deep, deep conviction of sin.

I want to narrow our focus over the next few days on what real revival is. What is this awakening. I pray that God would bring it once again to North America. I believe He will. I have hope and optimism that God is not finished with America yet.

I believe that God brings judgment on us for our sins through trials and tribulations, but if we repent of our sins, God will be faithful to forgive us of our sins and to cleans us from them (1 John 1:9). I believe that God will heal our nation once again, but we must repent. We must have an awakening from God once again.

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