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Obama, Islam, And The War On Christmas

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obamaweakFrom time to time we bring up the subject of President Obama. A lot of people say that our President is a Muslim and I want to address something about that today because everywhere we turn he gives a lot of fuel to that fire. He gives a lot of evidence to support those who say he is a Muslim.

First I want to tell you where I believe he is in this area. I answer this question on a couple of CD’s we have produced on the subject of Chrislam. Chrislam is the merging of two religions, Christianity and Islam. If you understand Chrislam you will understand who Obama is. I think it is important for Christians to know where our President is in his religious faith.

He is in the news again attempting to remove religious symbols from the White House over the Christmas season. A report came out on Fox News this past week that the President and the Obama family were planing a non-religious Christmas according to the social secretary Desirée Rogers. Speaking to a gathering of former social secretaries she said that the Obama’s did not intend to put the Nativity Scene on display in the East Room. Displaying the Nativity Scene in the East Room is a longtime tradition. This created a controversy and do to this controversy the Obama family has agreed to put out the Nativity Scene in the White House.

The Obama’s do not give gifts to their children over the Christmas season. We know this to be true because President Obama bragged about this last year to People Magazine.

Does this determine that he is a Muslim and not a Christian? This in itself certainly does not but it does add weight to the argument that he is Muslim. When you consider all that he has said and done we understand why some think he is a Muslim.

One thing we do know is that he tells Christians that he is a Christian and he tells Muslims that he is a Muslim. We have credible evidence that this is true.

I give all of this information on the Chrislam CD’s. You can get these CD’s by becoming part of our Army of Ten. This is those who support our ministry at $10.00 a month. You can become a member of our Army of Ten, if you haven’t already done so, by calling 1-800-716-9272. Just tell the operator that you want to become one of the Army of Ten and they will set you up for this.

Your support of $10.00 per month helps us to broadcast this message, to expose Islam, to warn those of us in the west about the truth, to alert us to the atrocities Islam has done in the past, and what Islam is all about.

The Bible says “ye shall know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16) People can say things and try to appear to be one thing, but when you examine their fruit you can see that they are not what they claim to be. If one is truly a born again child of God there ought to be fruit in their lives that supports this. It seem that at every turn President Obama is favoring Islam and putting up roadblocks for Christianity.

There is a story going around for which I have not been able to obtain the details. I heard about this from a friend and because I have not been able to verify it, take it for what it is. It says that not only has the White House tried to keep Christian symbols out of the White House, but every year there is a Christmas tree at the White House and people donate ornaments for this tree. I have a friend who was a toymaker and he made a very special ornament out of wood and sent it to the White House back during the Bill Clinton presidency. He had the honor and privilege of having his gift accepted by the President.

Apparently the White House is restricting anything that has a religious symbol on it from being placed on the tree. They are promoting other things.

Christianity is under attack in this nation. All of us have seen that and it has been so for quite some time. According to a Fox News article, the UN is banning the Christmas tree from its global climate summit.

There is an elementary school in Waterbury Connecticut where the children were told by the principal they were not allowed to say Merry Christmas. Instead, they were to say “happy winter.”

This idea of not saying Merry Christmas started going into businesses but Christians stood up and said if you are going to restrict the saying of Merry Christmas we will boycott your business. We are not going to give our business to those who attack Christmas. If you want to gain financially during the Christmas season by our shopping with you, then you need to respect Christmas for what it is. You need to use the word Christmas in your store and on your website. You need to allow your employes to greet with and wish your customers Merry Christmas.

There is an organization called the American Family Association. They have put out what is known as the “naughty or nice” list. You can read the list here. The list has three categories. The green list are those businesses which are Christmas friendly, the yellow list are those companies that are marginal on Christmas, and the red list are those companies that are against Christmas.

Here are the companies that are on the red list: Barnes & Noble, Family Dollar, Foot Locker, Limited Brands, Maurice’s, Office Depot, Pet Smart, Radio Shack, Staples, Supervalu, and Victoria’s Secret. The good news is that the red list is growing smaller for the last few years.

Let me say a little about Radio Shack. The American Family Association suggests that Christians boycott Radio Shack this year. They have been on the list for a number of years and they have been putting it in our faces. If you go on their website you will find no mention of Christmas. If you go to their stores you will find no mention of Christmas and the workers have been instructed not to greet people with Marry Christmas and not to wish people Merry Christmas. This is an out and out attack on Christmas and Christianity.

I have decided to boycott this business if they are going to attack us as Christians and attack Christmas. AFA’s page on this boycott can be found here.

I mentioned before that our broadcast will soon be on American Family Radio. We have finally been given a start date. We will be starting on the first Saturday in January. We will be doing a show with Shahram Hadian. For those on the East coast it will start at 1 pm, in central time it will be at 12 noon, Mountain time will start at 11 am, and in Pacific time it will start at 10 am.

American Family Radio has about 190 stations across America. They don’t have many stations on the West coast. Those of you who don’t have an AFR station in your area can listen to the broadcast on our website.

This will take our broadcast into many states we have not been in before. They include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Our message is getting out to more and more and your support helps us to do this.

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