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Obama Administration Avoiding Blaming Islam For Terror

Listen to today’s broadcast:

obamaweakYesterday we talked about how the Obama administration is purging the training manuals on terrorism from all reference to Islam. They can no longer use terms like Islamic terrorism, Islamic jihad, or radical Islam.

Yesterday we saw Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary Paul Stockton before congressional hearings doing everything possible to deny that Islam has anything to do with the terrorism we see around the world.

The spin doctors are at work trying to put a new face on Islam. They are trying to convince Americans that Islam does not pose a threat and we have nothing to fear. They want us to believe that if there is some terrorism coming from Muslims it is not because of Islam. It is, according to the spin doctors, because there are a few nuts out there who have taken a peaceful religion and distorted it from the peaceful religion it is supposed to be.

In this politically correct spin you can see their foolishness. You can see why Americans don’t trust their leaders any more. They tell us these things but they don’t pass the sniff test. We can easily see that what they are telling us is not true.

I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with political parties. I would be just as hard on Republicans if they did the same thing. This has nothing to do with skin color of the President. It has nothing to do with race. It is about policy and nothing else.

Today I want to let you hear some more of what the officials of the Obama administration are saying to support this politically correct message. On the broadcast I played some video clips with Obama administration officials trying to take all blame off of Islam. The clips are from a Fox News video on the “White House Covers Up Benghazi Terrorist Attack.” You can watch the whole video here.

This first one is President Obama speaking on what is sometimes called his apology tour. He is speaking first in Cairo and then in Turkey. It is important to understand that when he went to Cairo he was speaking at the Al-Azar university. This is the most elite university in all the Islamic world. It is the Islamic ivy league, the crème de la crème and it is the oldest university in all the world.

The main thing I want you to get from this first clip is the new agenda he lays out. He is changing the policy on how America deals with terrorism.

1 – President Obama – Al Quaeda is on its Heels

What I want you to see is that the Obama administration is purging the words Islam, Islamic, and Muslim from the dialog when we talk about terrorism.

In the next clip Obama and his people could not tell us we were attacked by Islamic terrorists in Benghazi. They had to blame this on a video. This was during the last presidential campaign. He had already told us that that Al-Quaeda was on its heels. This was one of his campaign issues. He told us that he had killed Ben laden, Al-Quaeda was falling apart, and he could not blame Al-Quaeda for the killing of Ambassador Stevens and three other embassy personnel. They tried to put the blame on a video which almost no one saw until Obama and his administration blamed it for the attack.

2 – President Obama – blaming Benghazi on a Video

In the next clip the Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, who went on five Sunday shows just after the attack blaming the video.

3 – Susan Rice – US Ambassador to the UN – blaming Benghazi on a video

In the next clip we have the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton blaming the video.

4 – Hilary Clinton – Blaming video

As the evidence became clear you hear Mrs. Clinton’s indignation about why we are questioning here about these things.

5 – Hilary Clinton – Congressional Hearing – What difference does it make!

The next clip has Jay Carney blaming the video for the Benghazi incident. They can’t let us know that it was Al-Quaeda that did this.

6 – Jay Carney – White House Press Secretary blaming the Video

Next we have a clip from the presidential debate. President Obama was trying to hide the fact that he had blamed the attack on a video. He tried to say that he recognized this as a terrorist attack from day one. Candidate Romney challenged this during the debate.

7 – Presidential Debate – Romney getting the President on Record.

Folks, I think you get the idea of what is going on. President Obama is trying to protect Islam and to draw new alliances with Muslim nations. He is trying to change our idea about Islam. As a result they are making a mockery of the White House and of our security.

The Muslims know what the real message is. When they see that we are making Islam a peaceful religion they interpret this as our dropping our guard. This is a dangerous situation.

We will continue on this subject tomorrow.

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