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The Obama Administration And Islamic Terrorism

Listen to today’s broadcast:

obamaweakWe have been looking at the Obama administration’s handling of Islamic terrorism this week. The evidence is quite clear, look at Benghazi. The American people and most of the rest of the world see this as a coverup. There is a lot more that can be said about the Benghazi situation.

I try to be very careful in the information I pass on to you. I only give you information that I know I can back up from credible sources or that comes from first hand testimony. There are a lot of things that I have heard about Benghazi that hasn’t come from credible news sources. When and if this information is verified what we will learn will be amazing. It will be enough to impeach a president.

Let me get on with the subject I want to cover today. Back in 2008, before Obama became President, there was a prosecution of an organization called the Holy Land Foundation For Relief Development. This was a Muslim organization. They used the term “Holy Land” because they knew that in America this would be thought of as an organization to help Jews. This was not at all true. They were raising funds to support Hamas, other terrorist organizations, and particularly a terrorist organization called the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP). These are terrorist groups that came out of the Muslim Brotherhood. They raised multiple millions of dollars and sent it to these terrorist groups for the purpose of destroying Israel and Jews.

The US government began prosecuting them. More than 100 people were arrested. There are 50 to 60 people in jail serving lengthy prison sentences. There are 316 more people they are after for prosecution. However, in 2008 we got a new President, President Obama. He appointed a new Attorney General, Eric Holder. Eric Holder stopped this prosecution. There was a list made by the Dallas office of 316 individuals and entities who are listed as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial. Because of the protection given by the Obama administration and, in particular Eric Holder, these individuals and organizations are not being prosecuted.

There are three groups on this list that we talk a lot about at Fortress of Faith. One of the groups is CAIR, the Counsel on American Islamic Relations. They are the civil rights organization for Islam. They are similar to the ACLU. There is also NAIT, The North American Islamic Trust, which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood here in North America. They own more than 80% of the mosques in America. Next there is ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America. This is the grass root organization for the Muslim Brotherhood.

They petitioned an appellate court in 2011 to be removed from the list. They no longer wanted to be called unindicted co-conspirators. The appellate court rejected their appeal because they felt there is credible evidence that they were involved and that prosecution can still go forward. It is Eric Holder and the Department of Justice that is keeping this from happening.

I want you to hear some excerpts from congressional hearings by the oversight committee that keeps an eye on the DOJ. Louie Gohmert is probably one of the most colorful men in congress. I had the privilege of meeting him last year and talking to him about Islam issues.

In this first exchange Gohmert is asking for the documents that the DOJ gave to the defendants, the Islamic groups that are being prosecuted.

First exchange – Starts 30 seconds into the video.

In the second exchange things are somewhat polite as Gohmert asks for them again. You can hear a bit of stonewalling but in the end Holder agrees to give them to the committee.

Second exchange – Starts 10 seconds into the video.

Did you catch that? Holder said that it is not our fault you didn’t get them, it is yours because your people didn’t contact our people to make arrangements.

In this next exchange you can tell that Gohmert is upset. If you listen to the context they had just finished talking about Fast and Furious and all of the stonewalling and coverup there and Benghazi and all of that mess. Now he is weighing in on the HLF and all of the stonewalling in getting these documents to congress.

Third exchange – Starts approximately 2 minutes into the video.

You can hear the stonewalling and evasion by Eric Holder. This is what our government is doing to protect Islam. It is wrong, it is dangerous, and it will make our country more vulnerable to an attack by Islamic terrorists. They are allowing our enemies to get away with murder.

This information is not getting out to the America public. This is why we are putting this information out. Keep yourselves informed and share what you learn with others.

We will continue with this subject tomorrow.

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