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Islamic Fundamentalism In Europe

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sharia-law-for-ukBefore I get into today’s main subject let me say a little about the news that just came out of Utah. It will point out why we are in such trouble in this nation. We have gone past to point of being on a slippery slope, we have stepped over the cliff and are in free-fall. The news coming out of Utah shows how far we have slipped from our Christian roots.

There is a judge who has ruled in favor of polygamy. Of course Utah has the largest Mormon population in America. There are a lot of similarities between Mormonism and Islam. One is that both religions believe in polygamous marriages where a man can marry multiple wives. I, and many others, said years ago that accepting homosexual marriages would result in the acceptance of polygamous marriages. This whole thing actually began when we unmarried couples were accepted in society on the same level as married couples.

Multiple marriages in America is not limited to Mormons. I have first hand evidence from those who have come out of Islam that multiple marriage is a common practice in Dearborn, MI. These Muslim men with multiple marriages can’t afford to support these women and their children so guess who pays for it? The tax payer pays for it through our welfare system. They are laughing at us because, not only are they growing Islam in America by having lots of children, they are getting us to pay for it.

The joke is on us because our laws have permitted this situation to arise. I am for helping people who cannot work. I believe we need a system of care for people who cannot work, but not for those who will not work. The Bible says:

2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

It does not say if he cannot work, it says if he will not work. We have created a society of lazy people who have learned that the government will pay them to do nothing. The government is the worst institution to fulfill the function of caring for those in need. It is the job of the churches to care for the needy because they are in a position to know who has true needs and who is trying to freeload off of others. When the government takes on this function it tries to enslave as many people through government largess as it can to gain political power. As you know, I have seen this first hand in Europe.

Speaking of Europe, lets get to the main subject for today. I want to look at a five-year study of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden that was published on December 11 by the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. This study was paid for by the German government. The study found some very alarming things about these immigrants.

Moroccan and Turks are, for the most part, Muslims. Two thirds of the Muslims interviewed in this five year study say that Islamic Shariah Law is more important to them than the laws of the country they are now living in. They see Shariah Law as superior to the laws of their host country.

They also found the 75% of those who responded hold the opinion that there is only one interpretation of the Qur’an which should apply to all Muslims. This is a very important point. When you get the whole of the Muslim community to agree to one interpretation you have all that is needed to bring in Shariah Law. When you have 75% already at that point it is easy to see how they will be able to move the rest, through fear, to come to the same point of view.

Further more, 60% of the Muslims say that their communities should return to their Islamic roots. You can see the danger when 65% already believe Shariah Law is superior to national law, 75% believe that there is only one interpretation, and 60% want to return to their Islamic roots. It is just a short step to Shariah Law for whole nations.

We see that the hearts and attitudes of most of these Muslims are prepared for a return to Islamic fundamentalism. The name for this is Salafism. It calls for a return to the roots of their faith. They want to return to the rule of the caliphs and the teachings of Muhammad and their fundamental roots with all of its violent precepts.

This study also shows that 54% believe that the West is out to destroy Islam. They see the West as an enemy of the teachings and fundamentals of Islam.

They also found that Austria has the most pronounced views in these areas.

  • 73% of Muslims interviewed say Sharia law is more important than the secular laws of the state;
  • 79% say there is only one correct interpretation of the Koran that should apply to all,
  • 65% believe Muslims should return to their Islamic roots.
  • In Austria, 55% of the Muslims surveyed say they agree with all three of the above statements.

The study also showed that there is hostility against certain groups. 60% reject homosexuality and 45% cannot be trusted.

Again, Austria is the most radical:

  • 69% of Muslims in Austria say they reject homosexuals as friends,
  • 63% say Jews cannot be trusted,
  • and 66% believe the West seeks to destroy Islam.

As concerns mistrust between different communities, the study found that 54% of Muslims mistrust non-Muslims, while only 21% of the non-Muslims mistrust Muslims. What does this say about the argument of islamaphobia? Muslims say that they are the ones that are being mistrusted, bullied, and toward whom there is irrational fear. This does not fit with the statistics in the US or in Europe. It is the Muslims that have irrational fear of non-Muslims. The non-Muslims have more reason to fear the Muslims than Muslims have to fear us.

Tomorrow, if we have the time, I plan to get into some other issues that came out in an article written by Soeren Kern, a journalist in Spain who keeps an eye on the things going on in Europe. He is a great source of information. I like him because he gives a lot of sources behind the stories that he writes.

He talks about examples of how free speech is being shut down in Europe. We have talked about this in the past. We have talked about the UN resolution 1618 making it a criminal offense to say things that are negative about Islam. Europe is adopting this resolution making it likely that if you speak the truth about Islam you are likely to find yourself in some kind of legal trouble.

We will talk about a bank president who has found himself in legal trouble over things he has said about the Muslims in Europe.

Be sure to listen to our broadcast and read our post tomorrow.

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