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Introduction to Shariah Law

On September 14, 2008, seven Shariah courts were officially opened in Britain. When Shariah became official in Britain and it was very personal for me. Of the seven cities that were opening a Shariah court, one was going to be the headquarters for all the courts, and that was the town I was living in, Nuneaton. This was going on under my very nose and I had no idea how much influence the Muslims had in England.

Now, there are at least 85 Shariah courts operating in Britain and the decisions these courts hand out, the UK government is obligated to uphold. Even if they conflict with British law.

This does not mean that all of England is ruled by Shariah law, at least not yet. But it does mean that the British have two standards of law. This means that a sovereign (and still a powerful) nation has laws that governs every subject and resident within their borders, except Muslims. They get to have their own laws to suit themselves and are exempt from British laws. I hope you can see that this is a VERY dangerous position to get yourself into as a nation.

Shariah started operating in England in mediation courts a long time back. It is also happening in North American in mediation courts even now. Mediation courts are voluntary and the parties voluntarily agree to abide by the decision of the court. If one party does not comply with the ruling, there is no one to enforce the ruling. Muslims were not satisfied with mediation courts in Britain and they will not be satisfied with it in North America. They will not stop until everyone is submitted to Shariah, the path of Allah.

In Britain, the Shariah courts are limited to civil and family matters for now. Things like divorce, child custody, inheritance matters etc. However, they are not satisfied with having their own laws dealing with civil issues and are now demanding that Britain allows criminal issues to be handled in the Shariah courts too. (Give them an inch they will want a yard.)

The British government says they have allowed Muslims to have their Shariah courts because there are so many of them living in the country now and they felt obligated. Also, if they don’t let the Muslims have their way, they can make life miserable for everyone else. (Britain has not learned that appeasement does not work, remember Hitler?)

Shariah comes from four sources:

1. The Qur’an (The words of their God, Allah)

2. The Sunnah (The words of their prophet, Muhammad)

3. Classical Scholars.

4. Fatwas – Legal opinions from legal experts, Fiqhs or Sheiks.

It is fair to note that not every Muslims wants Shariah in the West. In fact most Muslims don’t want it hear. Many came to the West to get away from it and they fear what it is going to do to them and this nation. Those who want it here are the ‘scriptural’ Muslims. Those who practice the rituals and study the doctrines of Islam.

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