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Shariah Law – 5

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Reliance of the Traveller

Book ‘P’ Enormities (Sins punishable in the Eternal or on Earth)

Defined on Page 652

P0.0 Book of enormities of Imam Dhahabi, who defines an enormity as any sin entailing either a threat of punishment in the hereafter explicitly mentioned by the Koran or hadith, a prescribed legal penalty (hadd), or being accursed by Allah or His messenger.


A short list of some of the contents:

  • Murder
  • Sorcery
  • Not performing the Prayer (Salat)
  • Showing disrespect to ones parents
  • Lying about the Prophet *
  • Fornication
  • Bearing False Witness
  • Sodomy & Lesbianism *
  • Theft *
  • Suicide *
  • Showing Off in Good Works
  • Making Pictures *
  • Loudly Lamenting the Dead
  • Ingratitude to Someone who does one a kindness
  • Branding an Animals Face
  • Gambling
  • Spying on the Muslims and Revealing their weaknesses

Then there is a list of Probable Enormities.

  • Envy
  • Not loving the Prophet more than all people
  • Vulgarity
  • Being Leaderless *
  • Interceding for the Guilty
  • Saying something that Allah detest *
  • Not Trimming One’s Mustache
  • Looking into another’s house without permission
  • Excessiveness in Religion
  • Stinginess
  • Passing in front of someone performing the prayer
  • Not loving ones fellow Muslims


P9.1 Lying about the Prophet (Muhammad)

There is no doubt that a premeditated lie against Allah and His messenger that declares something which is unlawful to be permissible or something permissible

to be unlawful is pure unbelief.

p9.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

(1) “A lie about me is not the same as a lie about someone else: whoever intentionally lies about me shall take a place for himself in hell.”

(2) “Whoever relates words purportedly from me, thinking it is a lie, is a liar.”


P17.0 (Pg 664) Sodomy and Lesbianism

p17.1 In more than one place in the Holy Koran, Allah recounts to us the story of Lot’s people, and how He destroyed them for their wicked practice. There is consensus among both Muslims and the followers of all other religions that sodomy is an enormity. It is even viler and uglier than adultery.

p17.2 Allah Most High says:

“Do you approach the males of humanity, leaving the wives Allah has created for you? But you are a people who transgress” (Koran 26:165-66).

p17.3 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

(1) “Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him.”

(2) “May Allah curse him who does what Lot’s people did.”

(3) “Lesbianism by women is adultery between them.”


p21.0 THEFT Pg 668

p21.1 Allah Most High says:

“Thieves, male or female-cut off their hands in retribution for what they have earned, as an exemplary punishment from Allah. Allah is Almighty and Wise” (Koran 5:38).

p21.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

(1) “Allah curse the thief whose hand is cut for stealing a rope.”

(2) “If Muhammad’s daughter Fatima stole, I would cut off her hand.”

p21.3 A thief’s repentance is of no benefit to him until he returns whatever he stole (dis: p77.3). If moneyless, he must have the victim absolve him of financial responsibility.


p25.0 SUICIDE Pg 670

P25.1 Allah Most High says:

“Do not kill yourselves, for Allah is compassionate toward you. Whoever does so, in transgression and wrongfully, We shall roast in a fire, and that is an easy matter for Allah” (Koran 4:29-30).

p25.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

(1) “Of those before you, there was once a wounded man who could not bear it, so he took a knife and cut h is arm, and bled until he died. Allah Most High said, ‘My slave has taken his life before I have, so I forbid him paradise.'”

(2) “Whoever kills himself with a knife will abide forever in the fire of hell, perpetually stabbing his belly with it.




p44.1 The Prophet said:

(1) ‘Every maker of pictures will go to the fire, where a being will be set upon him for each picture he made, to torment him in hell.”

(2) “Whoever makes an image shall be required (on the Last Day) to breathe a spirit into it, but will never be able to do so.”




P75.9 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said,

“The death of someone who dies without the leader of a group over him is as if he had died in the pre-Islamic period of ignorance.



p75.13 The Prophet said:

(1) “A man says something” Allah detests that he does not think twice about, for which he plunges into hell.

(2) “A man says something pleasing to Allah, not imagining it amounts to what it does, for which Allah records His pleasure in him until Judgement Day. And a man say something that angers Allah, not imagining it amounts to what it does, for which Allah records His wrath against him until the day he meets Him.”



p75.16 The Prophet said:

(1) “He who does not trim his mustache is not one of us.”

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