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Stop the Genocide – Part 2

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GenocideToday we are going to continue looking at the genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims. As we saw yesterday, in 2013 the slaughter of Christians doubled over the year before. The supposed “Arab Spring” that started three years ago and was sold to us as a movement of secularization and westernization of the Muslim world was a lie. It was actually a movement toward Islamic fundamentalism. The more Muslims return to the teachings of Muhammad, the more violent Muslims will become because this is what Muhammad taught. We, at Fortress of Faith, have been trying to unmask the true nature of Islam.

Next month Fortress of faith will have been on the radio for three years. We have had tremendous success because of your faithful support. America and Canada are hungry for some one to tell the truth about Islam. It is an evil ideology that is masquerading as a religion.

As a result of the growth of fundamentalism in the Islamic world Christians and other non-Muslim religions, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. will suffer more and more persecution from Muslims. We need to stand up and speak out to defend our brothers and sisters.

Let me quickly address a couple of things that I didn’t cover yesterday. First let me say that I know the most important thing we can do is pray. James 5:16 says. “…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Just because I don’t talk much about prayer doesn’t mean I don’t believe in it. practice it and preach it. It is one of our most important weapons in the battles we face. We often hear in response to the difficult issue that come up, “Well, brother, I’ll pray about it.” But no one is telling us what we can do practically about it. What are the things we should be doing in addition to prayer? I expect all of us to know the importance of prayer and I am focusing on the things we are not being told.

Secondly, this is not about bashing Muslims. As I have said many times, Muslims are not to be blamed for what is happening. It is an ideology that they have been taught. It is Islam that is causing them to do these heinous things. Lets not attack the person, lets attack the problem, the teachings of Islam.

handThe latest news tells us that two more Christians have been beheaded. This news comes out of Damascus in Syria. A group of jihadists calles “DAASH” (“The Islamic State of Iraq and Great Syria”) have beheaded two Christians detained by them, Armenians from the village of Deir Hassan.

This has been reported by MCN with the reference to the Kurds, who fell into the hands of Jihadist together with the Armenians, but managed to escape. According to Ishtar TV, ten Kurds who had been kidnapped by “DAASH” fled from their confinement and returned home to Afrin (Aleppo).

Rashid Arif, one of those who escaped, related that the Jihadist brought two Armenians to the camp and held them captive for a week. After a week, they were taken out of the prison and nobody saw them alive since. Then one of the kidnappers brought a biscuit box to the rest of prisoners and suggested they eat its contents. When the prisoners opened the box, they found the head of one of the Armenian Christians inside it.

Why were these two killed? Simply because the believed in the Gospel of the New Testament.

Yesterday I mentioned an organization called Open Doors. This organization has established itself as one of the “go to” organizations concerning the persecution of Christians around the world. They have agents around the world so their information comes from boots on the ground. They have been collecting data for over fifty years and they have a scoring system that shows the intensity of persecution around the world. They have established a website, with a chart showing the intensity of persecution in the world. Of the top ten countries where persecution of Christians is occurring, nine of them are Islamic nations.

At the very top of the list is North Korea where the ideology of Communism reigns. No religion is allowed and anyone professing to be a Christian is placed in camps and live in horrid conditions. The next nine nations are Islamic nations.

Here is a list of the top ten nations persecuting Christians:

North Korea
Saudi Arabia

Most of those in the next twenty on the list are Islamic nations also. You can see the whole list on the website. When we look at the list of the top fifty we see that Islam is the number one persecutor of Christians in the world.

America is mostly silent on the subject. When Open Doors had a press conference in Washington DC last week one of their representatives, Dr. Paul Marshall, explained that in contrast to previous years, the United States has been largely silent on the issue of religious persecution. Marshall believes the root of this silence is in part due to the rise of “realism” regarding diplomacy. Dr. Marshall said – “I think that one reason is because in the State Department just deal with states according to what you think you can get and don’t seek to delve inside them.”

In essence he is saying that the diplomats look at the belief system of the nations they deal with and say, this is just the way they are, we are not going to change them so we are not even going to address the issue. Our State Department is not going to stand up for Christians because this is “realism”, this is just the way it is for Christians in this region so we are not going to do anything about it.

Marshall also pointed out that the Obama administration had different priorities regarding human rights abroad. They put a larger stress on other forms of human rights. The administration’s emphasis is on rights for women (especially the right to abortion) and rights for homosexuals.

There you have the administration’s agenda. It is not to protect the rights of Christians, it is to protect abortion and homosexual rights.

Not only did Marshall point out that the US Government is silent on this issue, he also pointed out that this silence is also seen in the Protestant church North America. This is the problem that I am trying to address. If we, the saints of God, remain silent there is no reason for our government to take up the cause. To remain silent communicates either that we don’t care or it is OK to persecute Christians. We have got to make a change and we have to stop this!

Tomorrow I want to present from the Scriptures why we as Christians have a moral duty to stand up against things like this. God has given us instructions concerning issues of this kind. Too many have a misunderstanding of how we are to deal with these issues, or they are simply ignorant of what God has to say.

God has called us to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-14). I know that this largely applies to evangelism, to the taking of the Gospel to the world. It also applies to standing for righteousness and standing against injustices. When evil shows up we need to stand up and say God has spoken and He has given us instruction concerning what is right and what is wrong. We need to be willing to stand with God and say God has spoken and I will stand for what He says and against all that is contrary to His precepts.

To many Christians have taken the position that we ought not to judge one another. The idea of judging has been turned upside down. Tomorrow we will see what the Bible has to say about this.

As I said yesterday, I need your help. Would you please let me know you support this effort to speak out. Would you call us at 530-517-5638. and let us know that you stand with us and that you are willing to step out and be counted. Or would you write to us at [email protected]. Maybe you would be willing o give a small donation to help in this effort. You can do so by calling 1-800-716-9272.

If we are going to take a stand we are going to have to develop an infrastructure, a strategy, and an organization where Christians can be motivated to stand up against the genocide of Christians around the world. We might need to organize and attend local rallies in our areas. It might mean we have to stand up and speak out by writing a letter, sending an email, or calling our government officials. If we don’t do this how can our leaders know that we do take issue with the killing of Christians?

Take some time today to pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of Islam.

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