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Moderate Islam- Part 3

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Muslim_Brotherhood_LogoThe last couple of days I have been dealing with a video that came out of Oslo, Norway. The man speaking in the clip I have posted is a man who represents “moderate Islam.” This video is not surprising to those of you who listen to, and read, Fortress of Faith. We have been telling you that Islam is a religion of the sword. The only place Islam is called the religion of peace is here in the West. Islam calls itself the religion of the sword.

The reason this is so fascinating to me is that we have a group of “moderate Muslims” that tell us what they actually believe. Usually Muslims are very careful to hide this from us.

The speaker was Fahad Qureshi, founder of Islam Net. This group has over 2,000 paying members and represents mosques from all over the nation. It represents “moderate Muslims” from various mosques. He first asks them if they are just average Muslims. He asks them to raise their hands if they are part of some extreme Muslim group and no one raised their hand. He then asked if they are just normal Muslims and almost everyone raised their hand.

He made this statement; “The punishments described in the Qur’an and Sunnah, wither it is death, whatever it is stoning for adultery, what ever it is, if it is from Allah and his messenger; that is the best punishment ever possible for humankind and that is what we apply in the world.” When he asked these common, normal, Muslims if they agreed with this almost everyone raised their hand.

Yesterday I talked about the Bible’s position on adultery. The Bible does say that adulterers are to be stoned. I talked about why Christians don’t stone adulterers today. I mentioned that it was interesting that the woman was brought to Jesus, but the man wasn’t. I received a call saying that in Islam the women are stoned, but the men are not usually even accused of a crime.

According to Shariah Law it is very difficult to find a man guilty of adultery. One of the reasons is that if a woman is raped she must have 4 women testify that she was raped, or two other men because it takes 2 women to equal one man in testimony. According to Islam and the Prophet, Muhammad, women are deficient in mind.

In other words, if a woman accuses a man of raping her, she must have 4 women or 2 men supporting her claim. If she accuses a man of raping her, she is admitting that she had sexual relations with him. Without the witnesses she is accused of adultery. She is guilty, but the man is not. For this reason it is rare that women in Islam will speak out. Our hearts must break for the constant fear that these women live in under Islam.

Muslim men will not leave their daughters or their wives alone with other men because they know what these men are likely to do. There is nothing the women can do to protect themselves because there testimony means nothing.

The penalty for adultery under Islam is death. Muslims will often take “justice” into their own hands. They don’t go to a court, they don’t hear the case, they take these matters into their own hands.

A missionary told me that he was once caught in traffic and he witnessed a man being stoned to death for stealing a loaf of bread. He tried to stop it but a friend of his pushed him aside and told him that if he didn’t leave they would do the same to him. He had to listen to the agony of that man dieing for 20 minutes.

You can see that this is not something that used to happen years ago, it happens today in Muslim countries. This is the life of Muslims where Islam rules because it is the teaching of Islam.

The point I wanted to make yesterday is that when the woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus, He had every right to cast the first stone. Instead of judgment, Jesus gave her mercy. Because of the example of Jesus, Christians have a choice to give judgment or mercy.

Although He showed mercy, Jesus did not abolish adultery as a sin, nor did he abolish death as the punishment. Christians can, if they so choose, still apply the death penalty for adultery.

While on the subject of the death penalty, in Islam there is a death penalty for blasphemy. This is a very serious crime both in Islam and with the God of the Bible.

I want to move on to how to bring a Muslim to Christ. There are two major objections with Muslims when we try to share our faith with them.

The first of these is about who Jesus is. The Muslim Jesus is merely a man, a prophet of Allah, who was used to speak for him. They believe that Jesus had the power to perform miracles and even that he had a miraculous birth. That is where it stops. They will not say that Jesus is the Son of God, nor will they say the Jesus is God. They consider it heresy or blasphemy to make Jesus God. This is called shirk. Shirk is the greatest sin in Islam. It is making anything equal to god (Allah).

I want to deal with this because I believe that we, as Christians, need to be better armed with Scripture to deal with the issue of the deity of Christ. There are groups that call themselves Christian which deny the deity of Christ. Those groups would include Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. This teaching is outside normal biblical doctrine. If you study your Bible without outside influence you will come to the conclusion that Jesus was God in the flesh.

Five times in the Bible Jesus was accused of blasphemy by the Jews. The essence of their accusation is found in John 10:33: “The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.” This would be blasphemy if Jesus was just a man who was trying to make himself God.

Tomorrow I want to look at these 5 times where Jesus was accused of blasphemy. I want to make the case that Jesus was trying to make, that He was not a man trying to make himself God, but He was God who made Himself man. These things are clearly revealed in Scripture (I Timothy 3:16).

If we are going to be able to reach Muslims and others who do not believe that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh, we need to understand the doctrine of the deity of Christ. Be sure to read tomorrows post on this subject.

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