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Detroit Muslim Wins $1.1 Million For Discrimination

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Today I want to talk about a story coming out of Detroit, MI. You know that Detroit has the oldest Muslim community in America. It is not the largest, but it is the oldest and most concentrated. In other cities, like New York and Chicago, there are more Muslims but they are spread out around the cities and not as concentrated. Dearborn is the most concentrated Muslim community in the Detroit area.

Those of you who follow this ministry know about Dearborn because we go there for the big Muslim festival that they have every year. They canceled it last year, but we are making plans to go there again this year. While we are their we do a lot of soul-winning and try to reach Muslims for Christ.

I want to look at this story coming from CBS Detroit where a Muslim man was awarded $1.1 million for being discriminated against because of his Muslim faith. This incident is not in Dearborn, but it is in Detroit and there are Muslims who live in other parts of the area.

This man came to America from Tunisia about 20 years ago. He came here to be a part of the American dream.

This story shows the problems we have in our court system today. If there ever was a need for tort reform in this nation, it is now. The punitive awards given by our courts are outrageous. This is one of the major problems with our health care system.

This man was working for the county. He had worked their for 17 years. He is a Muslim man, and Muslim men wear beards because of their religion. Not all Muslim men wear beards, but those who are following their prophet, Muhammad, will. Some may shave them of for the purpose of deception.

This man had the beard for all of the 17 years he worked for the county. He got fired and he claims that the reason he was fired was because of his beard and his Muslim appearance. As a result they took the county to court. They won the case against the county.

The county denies any bias against this man. They are going to appeal the decision, but it has stunned the community. First, they were shocked that he won, and secondly, they were shocked at the amount of the award.

The man was fired 6 years ago and as a result he lost his house and his wife divorced him. You can see how the court would have pity on him. You can be sure that the lawyers played this to the utmost degree.

What message does this send to other employers? If a Muslim applies for a job you cannot discriminate against him for his religion or ethnic back ground, and once he has the job you certainly don’t want to fire him and risk a law suit.

The article doesn’t say why this man was fired. There is no proof offered showing that it was because of his religion or his dress. The fact that he was there for 17 years would seem to indicate that the reason was elsewhere.

The point I want to make is that we had better not do anything that might look like discrimination against a Muslim. If we do, we will pay dearly.

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