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Islam’s Abuse Of Women

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I don’t oppose Islam because I hate Muslims. The Muslims that I know, even those who are practicing Islam, are wonderful people. The people are not the problem, it is the ideology of Islam. It is the legal system and the oppression that comes from Islamic teachings that make this ideology dangerous to our way of life. They are counter to the teachings of Christianity and to the precepts of freedom upon which our nation was built.

Last Friday, and on our weekend show on AFR, we looked at Islam’s abuse of women. If you are a champion for women’s rights and still embrace Islam or think it is and acceptable religion you are either clueless to the true teachings of Islam, you are deliberately and willingly ignorant, or your are lying about your support of women’s rights. You cannot be a champion for women’s rights and a champion for the teachings of Islam.

There are so many ways we can prove to you that Islam is oppressive and dangerous to the teachings of Christianity and the values of our western society. Exposing this is one of our three major goals at Fortress of Faith. We do this by showing what the Qur’an says, what the leaders of Islam say, what their legal system says, etc. Today I want to bring real life stories to prove this point. If this doesn’t prove to you that Islam is oppressive, if this doesn’t convince you then you are willingly ignorant of the truth.

First I want to talk about forced marriage. This has become such a problem in the United Kingdom that they have a special unit, the FMU (Forced Marriage Unit). The FMU deals with the problem of forcing girls into marriages they want to be part of.

In an article that appeared on the Times Live website, there is an organization called Karma Nirvana that fields about 6,500 a year from around the UK from those who are in fear of being forced into a marriage they don’t want to enter into. In August of 2013, when the article was written, they had already received the number of calls they usually receive in a whole year. This shows that the problem is on the rise.

Here is how it works. The family will take their daughter on a “holiday” (vacation for us Americans) to a country like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. and there they meet their husband to be and they are forced into a marriage they don’t want. They may then return home, or they may never return home, depending on the agreement.

Karma Nirvana came up with the idea of these girls sticking a spoon in their underwear so that when they go through airport security it sets off the alarm. Since they can’t do a pat-down in public, they take them to a private room. The airport security people are being told that if they see girls coming through security like this it is likely that this is the last desperate appeal of the girl to get away from their family so they are not forced into this marriage.

Let me ask you, do these forced marriages sound like the values of western culture? No they don’t, but they are the teaching of Islam. A woman has no say in who she marries. It is her male guardian, either her father, an older brother, an uncle, etc. who chooses who she will marry. This is Islamic law.

Here is another story out of the BBC. According to this story a two year old is at risk of a forced marriage. This two year old was one of about 250 girls helped by the FMU I mentioned above. Folks, you need to understand that pedophilia is practiced in Islam. They are taught to follow their prophet, Muhammad, and he, as a 51 year old man, had sex with his 9 year old wife.

Again, I ask you, is this the value system we want here in the West? No! We have laws against this practice. This is considered criminal activity. It is perverted behavior. But this is accepted behavior in the Islamic world. Why? Because the prophet Muhammad did so.

In another story from the Daily Mail an 8 year old girl in Yemen died from sex with her 40 year old husband.

In another story from CNN we learn that it is un-Islamic to make minimum age at 17 years old. This was the response to a movement to get a legal statute to make 17 years old the minimum age for marriage in Yemen. The article says “Activist groups and politicians are still trying change the law, but more than 100 leading religious clerics have said restricting the age of marriage is ‘un-Islamic.’”

In another story out of Yemen, again from CNN, we learn that a 12 Year old died from giving birth.

Why do we oppose Islam? It is not because we hate Muslims, it is not because we are islomophobes and we have an irrational fear. It is because we have just cause to speak out against the teachings of Islam. Would you call Nazism evil? Those who will not call Nazism evil are evil themselves. There is not much difference between the governmental system of Nazism and the governmental system of Islam. Just look at the countries who are governed by Sharia Law and you will see what I mean.

Evidence of Pedophilia in Shariah Law

m8.2 A guardian may not marry his prepubescent daughter to someone for less than the amount typically received as marriage payment by similar brides, nor marry his prepubescent son to a female who is given more than the amount typically received. If he does either of these, the amount stipulated is void and the amount typically received is paid instead (O: in both these cases, as a necessary condition for the validity of the marriage contract).

See also Chapter N about wet-nursing.

n12.1(a) the milk comes from a female at least nine years old, whether it is occasioned by sexual intercourse or something else;

Evil is evil. It may disguise itself in various forms and give itself different names, but it is still evil. If we want to remain a free and moral society we must oppose Islam. Remember, our freedoms come from Christian values.

We don’t oppose Muslims coming into our country and practicing their religious activities. Some of their religious activities are good. Say your prayers, have your feasts, take your pilgrimages, etc. We have laws to grant you the freedom for these things. Don’t bring your Shariah Laws here because they are counter to the value system that gives us our freedoms. They are counter to the laws that give Muslims the right to freely practice their religion as long as they don’t break or laws or step on the freedoms of others.

We must stand against Shariah law or we will find ourselves subject to it and we will find that we have lost our freedoms.

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