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Listen to today’s broadcast:

Let me share a shameful statistic. There are 1.6 billion Muslims on this earth. That means that one in every four people is a Muslim. Yet less than 1% of all the Christian missionaries are actively trying to reach Muslims. Those who follow Islam will follow it to Hell.

Islam denies that Jesus Christ is God. They deny that He died on the cross. They claim that Allah rescued Him taking Him up to Heaven and say that Allah took His image and put it upon another. This other person died on the cross to fool everyone into thinking that Jesus Christ died on the cross.

If you don’t have Jesus as God, and if He did not die on the cross, you don’t have the remission of sins. If He didn’t die on the cross then you don’t have the resurrection. With out these you do not have the Gospel. Because of Islam these 1.6 billion people are going to miss Heaven. This is true for anyone, not just Muslims. If you reject Christ you will miss Heaven and the only other place for one to go at death is Hell.

We need to remember that the Bible says that anything that denies Christ is the spirit of antichrist. This is true of any religion that denies Christ, whether is is Islam or anything else. Listen to what the Qur’an says about the Son of God:


Sura 19:91

And they said (talking about Christians) The most merciful Allah has taken for himself a son.


The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. It teaches that Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, the eternal Son of God, who became man at the incarnation. Here is what the Qur’an says about this:


Assuredly, you utter a hideous thing whereby almost the heavens are torn and the earth is split assunder and the mountains fall in ruin that they ascribe unto the most merciful a son when it is not suitable for the majesty of the most merciful, that he should take a son.


How much more clear can it get. If we as Christians say the Jesus is the Son of God, and He backed up this claim by His death on the cross and His resurrection, the Qur’an says that it is a hideous thing and it is like the heavens and the earth being torn apart.

I want you to hear my co-host on our Saturday broadcast, Sharham Hadian’s testimony. Rather than type out the transcript, I want you to listen to the broadcast by clicking on the player above. This way you not only hear his words, but you also hear his inflection and emotions.

After you have listened to Sharham’s testimony you will see that the only things necessary to reach a Muslim is a knowledge of Scripture and a willingness to talk to them about what you believe and why. You don’t need to have a seminary education. You don’t need to have gone to a seminar on how to win Muslims to Christ. You only need to tell of your faith and the one in whom you have placed your faith. Remember, it is the Holy Spirit who does the work.

Don’t misunderstand. It does help if you know more about Islam so you know how to deal with their objections. However, just knowing what you believe and why, and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide you, is all you really need.. One of the main purposes for Fortress of Faith is to give you knowledge and the tools to make it easier to reach Muslims.

We must remember that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). The most important thing you can do is get Muslims to hear the Word of God. The rest of this week we will be dealing with how to answer their objections.

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