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How To Engage Muslims With The Gospel

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Engaging Muslims With The GospelToday we are going to look at some practical things that will help you engage Muslims for Christ. It is good to have Shahram, who is a former Muslim from Iran, talking to us about these things because he knows how best to approach Muslims and how they will respond to the Gospel.

Before we get into this I want to share some news with you. I have put these stories on our FaceBook page. While you are there, hit the like button and help spread the news with your friends.

The first news Item I want to talk about is from the Huffington Post. Research has found that Islam is the largest non-Christian group in twenty states. Most of those states are in the south and the mid-west. Here is a list of those states:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • North Dakota
  • Wyoming

There are a lot of surprises on this list. Notice how many of these states are in the Bible belt.

The next story I want to share with you is from NBC. The article says “Muslims make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population, according to studies by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. In 2011, about 1.8 million U.S. adults were Muslim, and about 20 percent had converted to the faith, Pew researchers say.”

Think about this, 20% of the Muslims in America are Americans who have converted from other religions or from being non-religious. This means that 360,000 Americans have converted to Islam. Most of these conversions come from our prison system. Muslims do a lot of recruiting in our prisons and they also do a lot of proselytizing in our colleges through the Muslim Student Association.

Islam in our country is not benign, they are not just looking after their own, they are evangelizing and proselyting our young and vulnerable. This is just one more reason to address the Islam issue before it is too late.

Now let’s continue with what Shahram Hadian has to say about reaching Muslims. Again, I suggest you listen to the broadcast by clicking on the player above.

The first question is how to you approach a Muslim? The answer is the same as you would reach others. You start by building relationships with them. You have to show an interest in their lives. Of course your primary interest is their eternity, but you will not reach them until you build a relationship with them that is based upon a true interest in them as a person. You should show your interest by asking questions about their lives, not just religious questions, but questions about their families, their interests, etc. You would ask similar questions to anyone else you were getting to know.

Once you develop a relationship you can start asking questions about their culture and their belief system. They do have a different culture and belief system and it is natural that you should be interested in learning more. It is important that you show genuine interest when you ask these questions.

The Bible says “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)

Islam teaches that Muslims are not to be friends with Christians. It is a powerful thing for a Christian to show genuine interest in becoming their friend.

Dr. Ergun Canter, a former Muslim, wrote, “You may be the first Christian friend that a Muslim has ever had. You need to understand that there are layers of suspicion and doubt that must be cut away, especially from those immigrants who have a caricature of Christians as hateful, selfish, and openly sinful. It may take time to bridge the gap.” He goes on to say “Often taking an interest in their lives is the best open door. Ask questions, be genuinely curious. Ask about their clothing, holidays, and dietary restrictions. Once they respond in kind, don’t be secretive about your faith, rather be clear.” The point is that they also are curious about you.

Something we must also understand is that Muslims view all Americans as Christians. We know that this is not true, but that is their understanding. When they look at the immorality in America they equate that with Christianity. This means that we, as Christians, need to demonstrate a sense of morality based on our Scriptures.

One of the best questions to ask a Muslim is, “Have you ever let a Christian open the Bible and explain it to you?” Then follow up with, “If you ever want to do that, would you let me do that? I promise I am not going to tell you that I’m right and your wrong. If the Bible is truly God’s Word, it will speak to your heart. If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them.” It is hard to get a Muslim to read the Bible, but when we do, they start seeing the truth that is found their and it has an effect on them.

We will continue this discussion tomorrow but I want to close by encouraging you to get our course on Evangelizing Muslims. You can get it from our website by clicking here. It goes into more depth than we can on these broadcast and in these articles.

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