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Free Speech On Trial

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ez-awanToday I want to look at the issue of free speech. If you stand for free speech some will love you and some will hate you. The Bible says the truth will set us free (John 8:33) and we want to stand on what is true. Living in the West we have a tradition to freely speak our minds. That doesn’t mean that everyone who exercises this freedom speaks honestly and truthfully.

When we give people the freedom of speech we must also accept the fact that at time we may be offended by the speech of others. This is equally true when we talk about free speech in relation to religion. If we want our freedom without government intervention we must be willing to give the same freedom to others. Along with this freedom is the freedom of religion. If we want the freedom to worship who and how we want, we must give that same freedom to others also. We reserve the right to say another religion is false and ungodly, and we grant this right to others toward us.

The very nature of freedom of speech and freedom of religion is to bring conflict. We will be offended by what others say and others will be offended by what we say. That is just the way it is when you have free speech.

I would much rather be offended by what others say that to live in a country where the government decides what can, and cannot, be said. We, as Christians, should champion the freedom of religion and of speech.

I don’t have a problem with the religion of Islam being in America. What I do have a problem with is Shariah Law in America. Shariah is a legal and governmental system that opposes freedom. This is in opposition to our Constitution and to the laws of this nation. I don’t have a problem with Muslims. They have the right to choose any religion they like, just as we do. In a free society I have the right to show Muslims where they are wrong and try to convince them that they need to come to Christ for salvation. Again, they have the same right in relation to us.

Today we are going to look at Ezra Levant, a Canadian journalist who has been under fire for his opposition to Islam. He has spoken out against some of the ways Muslims try to censer the free speech of those who would criticize Islam. He is in court again for his stand against these activities. He is not only fighting for his own freedom, he is fighting for the freedom of all citizens of Canada. We, as Americans, had better pay attention because there are those here that would take away our freedoms also. If we don’t speak up we will lose those freedoms that are so precious to us.

Watch what Ezra has to say about his fight for free speech:

This gives you an idea of what we are facing in these difficult days. Pray that Ezra will win because if he doesn’t it will be a hard blow against our freedom of speech.

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