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Cultural Jihad and Lawfare

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Islam Bill of RightsYesterday I said that the Obama administration seems to favor the Muslim way of life and oppose the Christian way of life and Christian values. When it comes to lawsuits this administration seems to sue to protect Muslims rights and to sue Christians to take away their rights.

Today I want to lay out my case by presenting the evidence to back it up. We need to remember that the Justice Department serves at the pleasure of the President. The head of the Justice Department is Eric Holder, who is in a lot of trouble with Congress and will probably be held in contempt.

I am not a lawyer and I don’t understand all of the legal ins and outs, but it seems to me that the federal government, through the Justice Department, is sticking its nose in things that aren’t really the domain of the federal government.

For example, the case we dealt with yesterday concerning the Philadelphia School District is a state issue. It seems to me that it should have been handled in the Pennsylvania state courts, not in a federal court.

Let me just list some examples of some of these lawsuits:

(Since these lawsuits are pursued by the Justice department, the Muslims involved don’t have to hire attorneys or pay any of the court costs. It is all paid for by us, the taxpayers.)

Justice Department sues Philadelphia School District on the behalf of School police officer, Siddiq Abu-Bakr, so he can maintain an untrimmed beard.

Justice Department sues on behalf of Muslim teacher

She wanted three weeks off for a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Justice Department sues trucking firm for firing a Muslim man who refused to deliver a load of alcohol.

Justice Department Sues a teacher and school in Delaware

A mother of three schoolgirls claims Cape Henlopen School District officials disrespected their Islamic faith and didn’t stop harassment by other students.

Justice Department is suing the New York City MTA over its refusal to permit Muslim bus and subway drivers to wear religious head coverings on the job.

County Correctional Facility in Essex Co., New Jersey fired a Muslim employee for refusing to remove her headscarf. The Justice Department sued on her behalf.

Justice Department threatened lawsuit on a Texas school district to allow Muslim students to pray together at lunchtime.
(Note: How many times has the Justice Department sued Christians to keep them from praying at school?)

Justice Department sent a letter to the Lewiston, Maine, school district regarding a complaint that a Muslim student was not permitted to pray. The school changed its policy to allow the student to pray on school grounds.
(Again, Muslims can pray at school, but Christians can’t?)

The Justice Department forced an Oklahoma School to change its uniform policy to allow a Muslim Girl to wear her Hijab.

I don’t have a problem with these people hiring a lawyer to fight their cases in the courts, but I do have a problem with the Justice Department taking the cases. My purpose in presenting these cases is not because they are all without merit. It is to show how the Justice Department jumps on these cases because they are defending Muslims. We don’t see them doing the same for Christians. As a matter of fact, there are several cases in the courts right now where the Justice Department is trying to stop Christians from exercising their constitutional rights.

A good example of the Justice Department opposing Christian values is the case that is before the Supreme Court concerning the Obama Care mandate forcing Christians to pay for drugs that cause the baby to be aborted. There is a large number of contraceptive products that are covered under Obama care. The Christian companies are not asking to be exempted from paying for most of them. They are only asking to be exempted from paying for the four that cause abortions. I guess the Hijab is more important than a human baby.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Justice Department website

The Civil Rights Division holds a bimonthly interagency meeting that brings together top officials from federal agencies and leaders of the Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian communities to address civil rights issues.

Notice that the Justice Department has bimonthly meetings to deal with Islamic issues, but not with Christian issues. It is not because there is no harassment against Christians, because there is. There seems to be an obvious bias against Christians and for Muslims in the Department of Justice.

Employment Discrimination: The Department is working to protect the fundamental American value of free exercise of religion, and ensuring that Americans are not forced to decide between their faith and their jobs.”

This statement rings so false in light of the lawsuits for Muslims and against Christians. Muslims have the right to practice their religion anywhere and anyhow, even when it disrupts to flow of things. On the other hand, Christians are supposed to leave their religion in their churches and in their homes.

If this doesn’t bother you something is wrong. The whole purpose of the first amendment was not to keep religion out of public life, it was to keep the government from favoring one religion over another. There is some real favoritism in Justice Department, and it serves at the pleasure of the President.

In President Obama’s speech at Cairo, Egypt at the Al Azhar University, June 4, 2009 he said:

“…and I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam, wherever they appear.”

You can listen to the entire speech here. It will show you either his lack of understanding of Islam or his deliberate distortion of the truth.

Based upon the things we have seen, it is obvious that President Obama is keeping his word on this. Through the Justice Department he is doing all he can to squelch any opposition to Islam. This is a misuse of the power of the President of the United States and is a violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

This administration does not protect the rights of other religions. It does everything it can to make life miserable for Christian businesses. I will use the same example I have used before because it is in the news at this time. It is the Obama care mandate concerning woman’s contraceptives. It forces Christian business owners to provide drugs that induce Abortion. This is a fundamental Christian Issue. The two cases that are in the news are the case where the Justice Department has sued Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. on this issue, and the case against The Little Sisters of the Poor.

This makes us ask the question of whether President Obama is a Muslim or a Christian. To answer this question I suggest you get our information on Chrislam, which is the merging of Christianity and Islam.When you understand Chrislam you will start to understand President Obama.

Lawfare, the battle for Islam in the courts, does not just involve the Department of Justice. It is going on in other ways. Here are some examples of Muslim lawsuits against businesses to force their lifestyle and beliefs on us”

Muslim Sues Planet Fitness in N.M. over headcovering

Muslim Sues Papa John’s Pizza over Pork

Muslim Couple Sue Empire State Building over religious Discrimination

>Muslim employee sues Disney over headdress

Muslim Butcher who chopped up his baby daughter is suing the Prison for not serving him Halal Meat

Muslim employee sues Bottling Company over prayer time

>Muslims sue Catholic School for displaying crosses.

the cultural jihad. It uses our laws against us to bring in their ways. We need to be alert and fight this in every way we can.


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