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The Offensive Expansion Of Islam

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Bataille_de_PoitiersToday I want to continue our look at the expansion of Islam. I want to point out that this was an offensive expansion. By this I mean that Islam expanded by attacking with the sword and conquering other nations.

In the first 100 years after the death of Muhammad Islam had conquered much of Pakistan, Iran, and North Africa. They then invaded Spain and started their conquest of Europe. Much of the territory they had taken was at least nominally Christian.

The battle that stopped Islam’s advance into Europe is known by two names, the battle of Poitiers, and the battle of Tours. I prefer the battle of Poitiers for two reasons. The first is personal because my mother-in-law is from Poitiers, France and, while visiting her family, I have been to the site of the battle. The second is geographical. The actual battle was 20 kilometers from Poitiers and 80 kilometers from Tours, but since Tours is the larger of the two cities many have named it the battle of Tours.

In this battle the Muslim force was much larger than the French force. This battle was not something unusual. It was just business as usual for the Muslim forces. Over a 700 year period, form the initial invasion into Spain around 711 AD until the end of the Muslim occupation of Europe, there were more than 200 such battles fought. What made the battle of Poitiers different is that it was the one that stopped the advance of the Muslims into Europe.

There is an interesting sidelight which I think shows whose side God was on. The battle was fought on good rich soil and it had rained just before the battle making the ground soft. The French forces had larger horses, with larger hooves and the Muslims had smaller horses with smaller hooves. This turned out to be a disadvantage for the Muslim forces.

Charles Martel, known as the hammer, was the leader of the French forces. Many historians believe that had he failed at Poitiers, Islam would probably have overrun Gaul, and perhaps the remainder of Western Europe.

One significant difference between the victory at Poitiers and the victories of the Muslim armies was that they did not create a pyramid of heads. After many of the Muslim victories they would build a pyramid with the heads of the enemy soldiers. One such pyramid was said to be so tall that a man sitting upon a horse could not see over it. When you study the history of Islam you will see that beheading is one of the traits of this religion.

This was war at its worst and it went on for 700 years. It finally ended for us in the year 1492. For us in the new world this is an important year also. This is the year that Columbus discovered America. It is significant because when the fighting was over, Spain was able to return to its normal affairs.

If we ask ourselves if Europe can reclaim itself from the invasion of Islam that is changing its landscape, the answer is yes. It can only happen when the Europeans are willing to stand up against Islam with force. This is the only thing that Islam understands. Remember, Islam means submission and Islam will only submit to a superior force.

The sad thing is that the history books and the schools, even the universities, are teaching that the Muslims are the victims. They say that Islam was having to defend itself against the Christians. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The battle of Poitiers was a defensive battle. This was an invasion by the Muslims trying to conquer Europe, not an attack on the Muslims by the Christians. The Crusades were not attacks on Islam and Muslims, they were the reclaiming of lands that the Muslims had taken by force.

Some historians are so fooled by Muslim propaganda that they say that the battle of Poitiers was one of the greatest tragedies of history. They say that Europe would have become Muslim and would have become a great civilization. In America we are suffering from corrupt leadership. One of the most corrupt areas of leadership is in the universities. They stand against Christianity and for anything, no matter how evil, that is against Christianity.

When you study Islam you see that everything is turned upside down. The good are called evil, and the evil are called good.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Islam not only sees war as a battle with weapons, they also see it as a battle of minds and a battle of civilizations. That is the problem. The physical warfare against Islam is the least of our problems. The Muslim Brotherhood is a much more formidable opponent that what ever band of fighters you want to mention.

Most people can understand Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. But when they hear the imams say Islam is a religion of peace and they are always the victim they succumb to the propaganda war. The cultural jihad is much more dangerous than the physical jihad.

The churches in America are week kneed and the universities are gutless. Our law enforcement has been compromised. None of these are willing to stand up against Islam and say NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Islam is very good at the information war. They are aided in the fight by most of the left, especially the media. Hitler used the same tactics to “fundamentally change” Germany.

We need to understand that many of the Islamic countries of our day were predominately Christian in the 7th century. Most of North Africa, and Syria were Christian and Iran (Persia) was about half Christian.

It is a shame to see Islam drag great nations down to the third world. Just look most Muslim nations. Their economy is shot and most live in poverty. Their people are, for the most part, uneducated.

Some historians talk about the Golden Age of Islam and the great things they have given to the world, such as algebra. This is part of their propaganda and disinformation program. These scientific advancements that supposedly come from Islam actually come from the nations that they took by the sword.

Let me close by talking a little about jihad. The media and the educators in the West say that jihad is a spiritual battle and that it has nothing to do with physical warfare. In the Bakari Hadith, 21% of his 7,000 hadiths are about jihad. Of those hadiths that talk about jihad, 98% speak about things like cutting off someone’s head or killing kafers (infidels). Only about 2% present jihad as a spiritual struggle. In other words jihad is 98% violence and 2% spiritual struggle.

The Qur’an clearly teaches that there are four kinds of jihad. There is the jihad of the sword, the jihad of the pen, the jihad of the mouth, and the jihad of the wallet. The Qur’an teaches that those who contribute to the jihad are as good as those who physically carry it out. Jihad is warfare for the cause of Islam.

We will continue our discussion to the expansion tomorrow. Be sure to join us.

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