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Bataille_de_PoitiersIn the last few posts we have dealt with the history of Islam and how it expanded through the use of the sword. We have seen that, starting with Muhammad, Islam has only grown with the power of the sword. His caliphs followed the same pattern of expansion using violent warfare. It should not surprise us that present day Islam is trying to expand their territory and their following by violent action.

Yesterday we covered how the first attempt to take Europe was foiled. We saw how Charles Martel stopped their advance at the battle of Poitiers in 732. Even though the advance of Islam was stopped, the fighting continued for about 700 more years.

The power center of Islam moved to what is now Turkey and to the Ottoman Empire. During this time we also have the Crusades, which we will talk about tomorrow. The Ottoman Empire tried again to push into Europe, this time from the East. They were stopped at Vienna, which is where we will pick up the story today.

The battle of Vienna in 1683 was the second wave of Islam attempted expansion into Europe. It is interesting that this battle happened on 9/11. In the 1400’s Constantinople fell and the military power of Islam moves into eastern Europe.

The significant thing at the battle of Vienna is that the different Christian groups all came together as one unified body to fight this invading force. We have to realize that we must present a unified front against the sword of Islam if we are to win the war. We may have major differences among ourselves, but to Islam we are all kafir (infidels).

An interesting anecdote concerning the battle of Vienna is that when the Muslim forces saw the clean shaven Christian forces they started crying out, “these are women, these are women.” Eighty thousand dead Muslims later as they were in full retreat trying to cross the river there were no longer crying out “these are women.”

We need to understand the Islam is totally into symbols. It is not an accident the the attack on the twin towers was on 9/11.

We have revealed more about Islamic war doctrine here than is known in all of the high command at the Pentagon. The discussion of the Islamic approach to war is not discussed by our military leaders. Those who brief the Chief’s of Staff are not allowed to discuss Islamic battle doctrine. This violates the major principle of warfare of “know your enemy.”

Although we don’t study Islam, Islam does study us. Although I despise the Muslim Brotherhood, I do respect them. They know our weaknesses and our strengths. They know how to play Jew against Christian, Protestant against Catholic, atheists against believers, etc. They know how to divide to conquer. They are Masters of this principle.

The Bible says “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) To be “wise as serpents” we must know our enemies.

If you follow this ministry you will remember that all reference to Islam and Islamic terrorism has been purged from the training materials for those who are supposed to protect us from the attacks of Islam. The reason is political correctness based on the fear of offending Muslims. Since when has a fear of offending the enemy been a successful battle plan? How can you defeat an enemy if you don’t know who he is and how he fights?

We have a situation in America where the Muslim Brotherhood is advising our leaders. This is like the fox guarding the hen house. If we are to win this war we must properly understand our enemy so we can push it back out of our nation.

Islam teaches that there is only one thing Muslims are to respect from the kafir, and that is strength. The only way they will back down is when we have overwhelming strength. People don’t understand how low the kafir is in Islamic doctrine. We are nothing but scum.

Our religious leaders have abdicated their responsibility to defend their flocks. They argue that they have met Muslims who are not at all what those of us who have studied the whole of the affair say they are. One of the major tools of war in Islam is deceit.

We also need to understand that most Muslims don’t understand the ideology of Islam. We must expose the truth because if we don’t have knowledge of our enemy we cannot defeat them. The Bible says that God’s people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

At Fortress of Faith we often say that the best weapon we have against the assault of Islam is knowledge and information. This is why ministries like ours are so important. We must get the information out. This is why your support is so important. We cannot accomplish the task without your help.

We understand that not every Muslim is part of the agenda of Islam. Many of them don’t even understand the agenda. Regardless of whether they understand or not, as the numbers grow in the country those who are the true fundamentalists will get the moderates on board because they will force them to make a choice between the kafir and the Muslims.

We have looked at the two times Islam has tried to take Europe by force. They have found that we in the west are well fortified. If they come by force we will beat them back. Just look at what happened after 9/11. they attacked us with force and we responded with much more force. I might add that we did it over the objections of the left.

They are using a new strategy. They have learned to set up settlements within our countries. They come in as “friends” who are not a threat. When their numbers and political influence reaches a level where they can, they then start trying to overthrow us from within. I believe, because of this new strategy, Europe will fall to Islam within my lifetime if we don’t change something.

Tomorrow we will talk about the Crusades. You will see that they were not what we are being led to believe they were.

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