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Expansion of Islam

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Bataille_de_PoitiersToday we are going to continue our look at the history of the expansion of Islam. We have seen that Islam has always used the sword to expand its territory and its ideology. This is what the Qur’an teaches and it is the example that Muhammad left for his followers.

In this article I want to cover the true history of the Crusades. This is one of the major issues when dealing with Islam. Muslims and their supporters always point to the Crusades as an example of how Christians used violence and warfare to persecute the Muslims. They teach that the Christians invaded Muslim lands and took them by force.

The first crusade happened about 1100. This crusade brought Christian knights out of Europe to defend the Holy Land. Christians were being abused by Muslims. It was a gradual process. At first the Muslims were not brutal with the Christians, but as the Muslim population grew and their power increased it began to change.

The Crusades were defensive. Most people forget that the Middle East used to be Christian. The Muslims had come in and taken these lands from the Christians. The purpose of the Crusades was to reclaim these lands.

An often forgotten point about the Crusades is that they ended about 800 years ago. Jihad started 1,400 years ago and it is ongoing today. The Crusades were a temporary thing and jihad is permanent. The permanence of jihad is laid out in the Islamic war doctrine.

One of the things you will learn if you study the history of Islam is how well they follow their own doctrine. We often hear that Islam needs to reformed. Why would you want to reform something that has been working for 1,400 years? Jihad always starts with immigration. Muhammad was not a jihadist until he immigrated to Medina.

The Crusades teach us some important lessons on what to do and what not to do. One of the most important lessons is that we have to present a united front against Islam. We must work together.

The Crusades were defensive in nature. There purpose was to stop the expansion of Islam and reclaim lands taken by the sword by Muslims.

In the modern battle against Islam the only united front was in 2008 when a bunch of “Christian” leaders got together and signed the Common Word Document. This document apologized to the “all merciful Allah” for the Crusades. They also apologized for the war on terror. They blamed Christians for the problem.

No one will deny that there were mistakes made and things done that should not have been done in the Crusades, but it must be remembered that the Crusades were defensive and were in opposition to the forceful expansion of Islam. They were not offensive battles with the goal of expanding Christianity by force.

Those of you who follow this ministry know that jihad will not stop until their religion is established through out the whole world. The goal of Islam is world domination by the sword.

There is a claim that after the Crusades that Islam brought in 500 years of what is commonly called the Golden Age. People who brag of the Golden Age portray the Europeans of that time as living in caves and eating dirt. They portray them as a backward people who barely knew how to read and write.

I want to address this because that which produced the Dark Age in Europe is the same thing that produced the dark age in Turkey and in North Africa. The Dark Ages were the result of Islamic battles. In these battles the Muslims took over the trade routes and the Europeans were living in poverty.

Lets give credit where credit is due. There were some things that Muslims did very well, like geography and astronomy. Everything else, such as the Arabic number system which they take credit for, came from other civilizations. The Arabic number system came from the Hindus.

Why is this called the Golden Age when the Muslims only maintained 10% of the classical works and destroyed 90%? Why are they given credit for preserving classical knowledge when they only preserve 10% of it? The Muslims with 10% were called golden and the Europeans with 100% were called backward.

We need to understand that Islam is the master thief. They steal the advances of others and then take credit for them. They take credit for the dome, they take credit for the arch, they take credit for all of the architecture. It was all taken from somewhere else.

It is also claimed that the Christians and the Jews lived under the protection of Islam. Living under the protection of Islam is like living under the protection of the Mafia. You pay your money not to get your legs broken.

When you read what life was like for the Christians and Jews under the caliphs, under the treaty of Omar, you will see a similarity with the status of the Jews under Hitler. They had to wear special clothes so they would stand out as inferior. People make a big deal about this in Hitler’s Germany. Do you know where they got the idea? It was from the Muslims. There were other consequences for Christians and Jews under Islamic “protection.” If a Muslim raped a Christian or Jewish girl they could not bring charges against the Muslim. A Christian or a Jew could not testify against a Muslim.

Christians could not be over a Muslim in any way because Muslims cannot be subjugated to anyone. This means that a Christian could never be the boss.

The strategy of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood here in America, Canada, and Europe is long term. Islam is a patient enemy. They think long term and are willing to wait.

What we need to do is educate the world about the truth of Islam. Rather than emphasizing the errors of Islam we need to point out the victims of Islam. We need to show what they are doing to Christians, Jews, Hindus, and others. We need to show how they treat anyone who disagrees with them.

It is time that our Christian leadership stand up and be counted in the defense of the victims of Islam. To be silent is to be complicit. The persecution of Christians throughout the Muslim world is in the news a lot today. When are we going to take real action to stop it. Don’t you think it is about time?

Tomorrow I am going to be sharing with you some research on the Muslim population centers and areas of growth in the US. There were some surprises in what I found. I think you will find this very interesting so be sure to check back with us tomorrow.

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