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Muslim Population

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ChrislamToday we are going to look at the Muslim population in the US. I am going to start by looking outside this country and then bring our focus home to our nation. This information may surprise you, or even shock you, I know it did me.

Today they estimate that there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. This means that one in four people in the world today is a Muslim. What is cause for concern is the rate of growth in the Muslim population.

This compares with 2.2 billion Christians in the world. The share of the world’s population of Christians has been stagnant for some time and is presently decreasing.

In 1914 it is estimated that there were less than 300 million Muslims in the world. Here we are 100 years later and the Muslim population as skyrocketed to 1.6 billion. This is one of the reasons we see so much activity in the Muslim world. They think that now is the time. They say that Allah has put oil underneath our sand, he has made us rich, our numbers have exploded and now is the time to take the world. With 25% of the world population being Muslim we need to come together so we can conquer the world for Allah.

Muslims are patient in their strategy for world conquest. They know that if they can do the right things in this generation, the next generation will be theirs.

Most of the Muslims in the world don’t live in the west. Most of them don’t live in Arabia and not all Arabians are Muslims. Most of them actually live in Asia.

In missions we speak of what is called the 10/40 window. This is that part of the world that lies between the 10th parallel in the north and the 40th parallel south of the equator. Seventy percent of the world’s population lives in this 10/40 window. Seventy percent of the people who live in this window are Muslims.

This window covers countries on the continents of Africa and Asia. In these country there is a very high incidence of illiteracy. Somewhere between 60-70% of the Muslims in the world cannot read or write. This means that they are left to accept whatever their imam tells them. Most Muslims in the world are ignorant of what is really taught in the Qur’an and in the hadith.

The largest Muslim country is Indonesia. Pakistan is in second place and India is in third place. India is mostly Hindu. The Muslims are actually a minority in India.

Only about 15% of the Muslims in the world speak Arabic. This means that of those Muslims who can read and write, most of them cannot read the Qur’an because they don’t speak Arabic. They learn Arabic prayers and rituals, but they cannot read Arabic. Muslims are forbidden to read the Qur’an in any language but Arabic.

Now let’s take a look at the West. Muslims have been pouring into Europe for decades. Last week we talked about the history of the expansion of Islam and we talked about how they tried to take Europe with the sword twice and they failed.

Muslims have now changed their tactics. They are following the Islamic teaching that when you are small in number in a society you live peacefully among the people. You then grow your numbers through procreation and encouraging more Muslims to move into that society. When your numbers increase to the point of being able to influence the society, you then start pushing for Shariah law. This is what Muslims have been doing in the West.

In Europe Muslims are about 15% of the population. The growth of Muslims in Europe started after WWII. There was a need for cheap labor and the Europeans opened their doors to immigration. France and Spain invited immigrants from North Africa. Most of these people were Muslims. Germany brought in immigrants from Turkey, again they were Muslims. Great Britain brought immigrants from their old colonies like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, again they were Muslims.

After 70 decades of immigration and procreation the number of Muslims in Europe has reached the point of pushing for Islamic law. Britain only has a Muslim population of about 6% and look at the havoc they are causing there. There are Shariah Law courts and areas in the cities where it is unsafe for non-Muslims to go. It doesn’t require a great majority to take over a country, all you need is a vocal minority.

When you look at history you see that dictators often take over with lest than 15% of the population backing them. Hitler took over Germany with 12-15% of the popular support.

Turkey is about to join the EU. When they do the Muslim population of the EU will double from 70 million to 140 million. Avi Lipkin, who is a political leader in Israel, estimates that because of Turkey’s immigration policy with other Muslim nations that the Muslim population will grow by 5-10 Million Muslims in less than 2 years. I have been saying for a long time the Europe is soon to be lost to Islam.

Now let’s look at the figures for the USA.

The US Census figures say that we have about 3 Million Muslims in the US. There are some reports that say we have as many as 10 million. For our discussion today we will assume that the census figure is correct. Since we only take a census every 10 years this means that in 2010 we had a Muslim population of about 1%.

In 1920 the US population was about 100 million. Fifty years later in 1970 our population doubled to 200 million and forty years later it had grown to over 300 million. Keep in mind that since 1970 we have killed over 55 Million of our unborn.

Let’s look at the population numbers in the various states. A lot of this information comes from a study done by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. They did the most comprehensive study of its kind. It provides county by county information on congregations, members, and adherents for 246 different faith groups. It is based on the 2010 census.

Let me just give you the top ten states for the number of Muslims in those states. This may surprise you.

  1. Texas – 421,000
  2. New York – 400,000
  3. Illinois – 360,000
  4. California – 270,000
  5. Virginia – 213,000
  6. Florida – 165,000
  7. New Jersey – 160,000
  8. Michigan – 120,000
  9. Pennsylvania – 80,000
  10. Georgia – 52,000

For those of us in Washington, we are in the fifteenth place.

I have prepared a chart on the Muslim population in the various states which you can get by clicking here.

Tomorrow I will talk about the density of the Muslim population. This is the number of Muslims that live in a state compared to non-Muslims.

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