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Muslim Population In The US

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Muslim-Population-2011Yesterday we started looking at some research I did on the Muslim population in the US. As I said yesterday, a lot of this information comes from a study done by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Their information is based on the 2010 US census and the information is only as accurate as the census. It should be pretty obvious that those who are here illegally will not fill out the census forms and will not be counted.

We have talked before about the flow of Muslims that is coming in across our southern border. We have talked about the Hezbollah build up on this border. Click here to see one of our previous articles on this subject.

The point I want to make here is that the numbers from the census are not absolutely accurate. The numbers that we are talking about are minimums. It is probable that the real numbers are considerably higher.

As a minimum there are about 3,000,000 Muslims living in the US. There are reports that there may be as many as 10,000,000. I will use the minimum numbers for this article. Based on these numbers we learn some interesting things. As I said yesterday, some of the things we learn are surprising.

Yesterday I only got into the population numbers. Today I want to talk about the density numbers. Before I do, let me remind you of some of what we found yesterday.

One of the biggest surprises was that Texas is the state with the largest number of Muslims living there, 421,943. In the top ten cities we have Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston but I didn’t realize that the whole state’s Muslim population would put Texas in first place. When you look at the density, that is the number of Muslims per 100,000 people, Texas ranks number five.

The next three states on the list are New York, Illinois, and California. These three states are not surprising. Virginia comes in at number five on the list. Most of these are in the northeastern part of the state around Washington D. C.

The next four states, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are no surprise. However, the state in tenth place, Georgia, is a surprise. I would have thought places like Maryland or Ohio would be way before a state like Georgia.

Now let’s look at the density numbers. This is how many Muslims live in a state compared to how many non-Muslims.

Here are the states with the highest density of Muslim:

  1. Illinois – 3%
  2. Virginia – 2.7%
  3. New York – 2.3%
  4. New Jersey – 1.8%
  5. Texas – 1.7%
  6. Michigan – 1.2%
  7. Florida – .87%
  8. Delaware – .79%
  9. California – .73%
  10. Washington DC – .67%

Illinois has Chicago which has one of the oldest communities of Muslims. The three oldest communities of Muslims in the US are Detroit, Chicago, and in third place we have Indianapolis.

Virginia has a high density because of its proximity to Washington DC. The fact that we have the area of Virginia that surrounds Washington DC, and the fact that Washington DC is on the top ten list should be of concern to us. There is a large number of Muslims working in our government and working to influence our government officials.

Washington State, where our headquarters is located, is 15th on the list of the number of Muslims living in the state. As far as the density is concerned, we are in 20th place.

You can find the chart I put together showing this information by clicking here.

I mentioned in a previous article that there are 20 states where the second largest religion practiced is Islam. The states are Illinois, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, Alabama, Iowa, New Mexico, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Wyoming, West Virginia, and North Dakota. What is surprising about this list is the number of these states that are in the Bible Belt.

Remember, these numbers are minimums. There could be considerably more.

There is some good news also. About 80% of the Muslims who come to the US have come here to get away from the tyranny of Islam. The majority of these people are not practicing their religion. They can’t leave it because if they do they become an apostate and as apostates they are to be put to death according to the Qur’an and their Prophet Muhammad.

As long as the number of practicing Muslims is low there is not much pressure on the “moderate” Muslims to start practicing their faith. Once the number of Muslims reaches about 6-7% we will really begin to feel a change. They will start demanding more rights for Muslims. They are already doing this to some degree, but when that 6-7% is reached the pressure will increase dramatically.

If you doubt what I am saying just look at Europe. This is especially true in Great Britain and France, where their Muslim populations are very high.

In the US, according to the 2010 census, we are just under 1%. If the higher estimates are true then we are closer to 3%.

You may say that you don’t see any Muslims where you live. Believe me, they may not be in your county, but they are in your state. Most Muslims live in the big cities. If you don’t live in a big city you won’t see many of them but you will as time passes.

The question is, will we ignore these people, or will we take the Gospel to them? The mission field has come to us. We have an opportunity to reach the Muslims in America before they reach critical mass and the door closes to the “moderate” Muslims.

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