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Trojan Horse In British Schools Revisited

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TrojanHorseOn April 17th I reported on the “Trojan Horse In British Schools.” Today I want to take another look at this subject based on an article by Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute.

You will remember that this is a plot by hard-line Islamists to get the headmasters or head teachers (principals) in the British school system replaced by Muslims. The plan uses distortions and even lies to get headmasters to resign or to be fired. They even went after one Muslim because she was a moderate and was not holding to true fundamental Islamic teachings.

Most of the Muslims in the West, including in Great Britain, are moderates. They practice the saying of their prayers and the like, but they have no understanding of what Islam really is or what it really teaches. Although they pray their prayers in Arabic, they don’t understand what they are saying. They have just memorized the words. If and when they go to the mosque, the sermons are in Arabic and they don’t understand what is said. They don’t study the Islamic scriptures because they are told that the Qur’an cannot be understood if it is not read in Arabic. They just know they are Muslims and they can’t leave Islam.

More information on this subject has come to light. The British government is widening their investigation into this subject. The original investigation included 4 schools, but it has been expanded to include 25 schools in Birmingham. They are hearing of more and more accusations of these Muslim extremists (I use the word extremists because it is used in the article, but these are really just true Muslims practicing their Islamic faith) infiltrating other schools in other British cities including Bradford and Manchester.

I don’t often announce publicly where I am when I travel. This is for my own protection, but as I record this broadcast I am in Europe. I was in Manchester just a couple of days ago.

There is such a need to train Christians and pastors in Britain to give the Gospel to Muslims. I have had pastors asking me to come and help them with this training.

What is exciting to me is that our ministry is growing beyond the United States and Canada. Our ministry is having a great impact through the Internet. We have had a number of Muslims come to Christ in Kenya and we have had reports of this in other countries.

The Muslims have called this plot “Operation Trojan Horse.” This name says all you need to know about their strategy. They are coming in disguised as something not to be feared, and once inside, the destruction starts. They are out to destroy the western value system because they cannot allow western values to be taught to their children.

Their strategy is to wrest control of schools by ousting non-Muslim head teachers and staff at secular state schools and replace them with individuals who will run the schools according to strict Islamic principles.

As we told you in our previous article on this subject, a document outlining the strategy was sent to the Birmingham City Council in November 2013. The existence of this document did not become public until March 2014 when it was leaked to the London based newspaper, the Sunday Times.

Although police are still working to determine the authenticity of the document, what remains beyond dispute is that Muslim hardliners are subverting the British school system in ever greater numbers.

Since Operation Trojan Horse came to light, British authorities have received more than 200 whistle-blower complaints in Birmingham alone. The complaints include emails, letters and telephone calls from parents, teachers and school leaders about the imposition of conservative Islamic practices in primary, secondary and community schools, as well as in publicly-funded academies.

Over the past several weeks, Ofsted, the official agency for inspecting British schools, has carried out surprise inspections of at least 18 schools in Birmingham, under orders from the British Department for Education. This is in addition to a separate investigation being conducted by the Birmingham City Council. The initial findings of these investigations are to be published in May. I will be keeping my ear to the ground and when this report comes out I will keep you updated. The full reports are due to come out in July.

There is a former teacher from the Park View school that is at the center of this controversy. He recently told the BBC that concerns of an Islamic takeover plot were first raised more that twenty years ago but the government simply ignored it. This is what happens when political correctness rules.

This teacher, Micheal White, said that he was forced out after he challenged attempts by the Muslim governors of the school to ban sex education and stop the teaching of non-Islamic faiths in religious education classes.

Another critic, Birmingham’s Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, says the majority of the governors at the school are Salafists and Wahhabis and are, therefore, Muslim hardliners. They are trying to impose their beliefs and their practices into the daily running of the schools. In an interview with the Birmingham Mail, Mahmood said he believes British education officials have previously resisted getting involved in disputes with Muslim schools for fear of being called racist or anti-Islamic.

The problem in the US and Canada is that we are so afraid of being labeled racist or anti-Islamic that we give in to the politically correct mentality. As a result we give away precious ground to the to the Islamists. My desire is that we in North America learn from the mistakes that have been made in Europe. Great Britain and other European nations are fighting for their national lives because they have been afraid to speak out against the advances of Islam. It is coming hear if we don’t do something now.

The report says that they suspect that this problem is not limited to the schools in Birmingham, Bradford, and Manchester, but that it has expanded to hundreds of schools. It says that the number of schools affected may even be in the thousands.

Knowing the way Islam works, these things should not surprise us. One of the primary tools of Islam is deceit. We need to be aware of what is happening in Europe and take action to keep it from happening here in North America.

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