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Tony Blair's Keynote Speech On The Middle East and North AfricaToday I want to report on a speech given by Tony Blair on why the Middle East matters at Bloomberg Headquarters. Remember, he was the Prime Minister in England for many years.

I have had a lot of criticism for some of the things he has done, especially when it come to Chrislam. I am surprised about something he said in a speech he gave a few days ago, and I am remarkably pleased at what he has said. Some have hailed this speech to be as important as one of Churchill’s speeches. This may be a shift in the thinking of some of our world leaders concerning Islam.

When Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister he went to work for the EU and his job is to broker peace in the Middle East. He has an office in Israel and he has been working on this for a number of years.

I have criticized him for many things in the past, but I praise him for what he said in this speech. He is a good leader and, although I don’t agree with much of his policies, he is a leader that makes decisions based upon what he believes to be right even if it is unpopular. When he stood with the US on the war on terrorism there was tremendous pressure on him by the British population, and even from his own party, to pull out. He stayed to course even though it was political suicide for him.

He has made some serious errors in dealing with Islam trying to play the political correctness game. I don’t think he has everything right yet. In this speech he uses terminology that confuses the issues and does not bring out the full truth, but there are some things in this speech that I applaud him for.

He gives four reasons why the world needs to be concerned about the Middle East. The first of these four reasons is the oil supplies. This is important because it effects the world economy. The second reason is the proximity to Europe. Thirdly there is Israel. He said the most important reason the Middle East matters is Islamic extremism, also known as islamism.

I have a problem with the political speech when they call this “Islamic extremism” as if it was something outside of the true nature of Islam. If you follow this ministry you know that it is the true face of Islam.

What makes this speech different is that he covers things that we don’t hear world leaders talk about. The first thing he talks about is how the world media is trying to shape the story rather than report the story. Let me quote what He said:

However for the purposes of this speech, two fascinating things stand out for me. The first is the absolutely rooted desire on the part of Western commentators to analyse these issues as disparate rather than united by common elements. They go to extraordinary lengths to say why, in every individual case, there are multiple reasons for understanding that this is not really about Islam, it is not really about religion; there are local or historic reasons which explain what is happening. There is a wish to eliminate the obvious common factor in a way that is almost wilful.

He says the media goes to extraordinary lengths to give give reasons for the terrorism that have nothing to do with Islam. They do everything they can to divorce the terrorism from Islam. He says the media here in the west is willfully choosing to eliminate the obvious common factor. The media is choosing not to tell the truth.

He goes on to say:

The second thing is that there is a deep desire to separate the political ideology represented by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood from the actions of extremists including acts of terrorism.

The Media tries to separate the political ideology of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood from the actions of the “extremists.” Tony Blair is exposing the fact that these things are linked. Concerning the issue of Islam in Europe he said:

The Muslim population in Europe is now over 40m and growing. The Muslim Brotherhood and other organisations are increasingly active and they operate without much investigation or constraint. Recent controversy over schools in Birmingham (and similar allegations in France) show heightened levels of concern about Islamist penetration of our own societies.

Notice that he mentions the plot to take over the British schools that I have covered in some of my recent reports. He also mentions that there are similar efforts in France.

Finally we have a political leader with some standing coming out and telling the truth. The Foreign Minister in Great Britain, Dennis MacShane, compared this speech with Churchill’s speech in 1946 when he referred to the Iron Curtain.

Let me also point out that Tony Blair acknowledged that the motivation behind the fears causing the West to do this is that we feel that if we identify the problems in these terms we are being anti-Muslim. Here is what he said:

Because the West is so completely unfamiliar with such an ideology –though actually the experience of revolutionary communism or fascism should resonate with older generations – we can’t really see the danger properly. We feel almost that if we identify it in these terms, we’re being anti-Muslim, a sentiment on which the Islamists cleverly play.

He it the nail on the head with this statement. The reason we in the West don’t state the obvious is that we don’t want to be labeled anti-Muslim or islamomophobic.

It is good news that we are getting some straight talk from some of our political leaders. We can only hope that this is just the beginning of the realization that Islam is really the cause. We can hope that others will have the courage to follow Tony Blair’s example and tell the truth about the problem of Islamic terrorism.

There has been a lot of push-back from some, including some of the leading newspapers in the UK, trying to undo what Tony Blair has said. One of the probable reasons the newspapers are opposing this message is that, if the truth is told, they will have to explain why they have been spinning the stories and shaping the news instead of simply reporting it.

Isn’t it sad that you have to tune in to Christian radio programs like Fortress of Faith and bloggers on the Internet to find the truth? Isn’t it sad that we can’t get the truth from the main stream media on these issues?

The constitutional purpose for the news media is to keep the truth before the people and to keep a corrupt government from propagandizing. The media in the West, for the sake of money, has chosen to become the propaganda arm of political correctness, rather than reporting the truth.

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