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Ilegal Discrimination By Arabs

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In this article I would like to start by telling you about the illegal discrimination against Jews by Kuwait Airways. The airline is owned by the Kuwaiti government and, as a sovereign nation, Kuwait has the right to discriminate against whosoever it wants to discriminate against.

Why do they discriminate against Jews? Because the Qur’an says that Jews are apes and monkeys. It also says that Jews are responsible for all of the evil in the world. Do you see why Muslims try to eliminate Jews?

It becomes an issue because this airline operates in Western nations. We have laws that prohibit discrimination. When they operate in another nation they place themselves under the sovereignty of that nation. Both the US and the United Kingdom have laws that prevent this type of discrimination.

What did our government do about this discrimination?

In late 2013, a formal complaint was filed with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation (Secretary) alleging illegal discrimination by Kuwait Airways (KA) on the basis of national origin, in violation of federal law proscribing such discrimination by air carriers. The complaint concerned the airline’s refusal to transport Israeli nationals on nonstop flights from New York to London.

The Secretary denied the complaint earlier this year, asserting that KA had not violated any U.S. anti-discrimination law because the airline is required to comply with Kuwaiti law, which prohibits Israeli passport holders from entering Kuwait.

Attorney Eldad Gatt filed an action in U.S. federal court in March 2014, appealing the Secretary’s denial and requesting appropriate relief, arguing that “[t]he Secretary has officially endorsed Kuwait Airways’ policy of boycotting Israeli nationals…

Foxx and Holder. The agency has tried to hide behind Kuwait’s passport laws, but if Kuwait wants to operate an airline serving non-Muslim countries and in transit between non-Muslim countries, it has to operate under US laws.

Anthony Foxx was the Democratic Mayor of Charlotte. Obama called him an “impressive leader” when he appointed him Secretary of Transportation and he certainly is leading when it comes to defending Muslim discriminationagainst Israeli Jews.

What would happen if this was an Israeli airline refusing to allow Arab’s to fly on their planes. I think the answer is obvious, especially in light of Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments about Israel creating an Apartheid State. Suggesting that it is the Jews who DISCRIMINATE against the Arabs, Muslims.

The liberal establishment continually tries to imply that it is the Jews who discriminate against the Arabs and that Israel is the foreign occupier in the land. This a lie that has been told so often that many have come to believe it as the truth.

Just ask yourself who is being attacked almost on a daily basis? Who is the one that has rockets fired into their land which kill their citizens? It is the Israelis that receive Palestinian rockets aimed at their civilian population. The world pays no attention to these acts of war against Israel until Israel responds to them.

Jews are famous for providing Arab participation in Jobs, Schools, Government in Israel. There are currently 12 Arabs in the Knesset, and there have been as many as 57.

The Jews are not the ones who discriminate, they welcome Arabs as full citizens with all the rights that go with it. This is not the picture painted by the liberal media, is it? The ones who discriminate are the Arabs.

In general, Americans are not famous for knowing much about other nations and other cultures. Europeans get more world news than here in America and are, therefore, much more aware of other cultures.

Look at Muslim countries and see how many Jews they allow in their governments. How many Jews do they allow in their schools? How many Jews are allowed to have jobs in their country? How many Jews do they even allow in their countries?

At times I sound pessimistic about the spiritual state of North America. If you really knew me you would know that I am an optimist. God has given me a message of warning and judgment. I see the hand of God’s judgment upon our nation because of our sin.

I am not discouraged nor have I lost heart or hope. You shouldn’t be discouraged either. I am optimistic because God has given us instructions on how to get back into His good graces. Revival is possible, it is not too late.

I believe that we are at a point in our history where we have really messed up. I believe that the things that are happening are God’s efforts to wake us up and get us to return to Him. I know this will not be easy, but I have hope because there is a way back to God’s blessing.

The events we see in the world to day are God’s preparation for Christ’s return, or He is preparing us for revival. Before revival comes there must be repentance. Because we are a stiffnecked people and because of the hardness of our hearts God will have to bring a lot of pain before revival will come.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

We see how God brings revival in His dealing with Israel. He had to bring pain to them in order to get them to turn back to Him. Before we are too hard on Israel, we need to look at ourselves. It seems that it is the nature of man to rebel.

I am optimistic because God has worked in hopeless situations in the past. Here are just a couple of examples.

Joseph was turned on by his brothers

·sold to slave traders

·Falsely accused — innocent – thrown into Jail.

·Forgotten in Jail

·The very same Brothers who did him wrong – never expected to see him again – they are at his mercy. –

·He is able to save his family.

Israel in Egypt

·Made Slaves

·Used the River to kill the baby boys in Nile

·God chose to use the Nile to save the person who became the redeemer of the Jews.

·Miraculously delivered the Jews out of Slavery / hand of Pharaoh. Most powerful man in the world.

·Led them to the Dead Sea — Obstacle that entrapped them.

·Again used it as a tool to destroy their enemy and it became a shield of protection for them.

·Aqaba and not the Suez — Evidence that the Jews wondered in Arabia for 40 years.

De 11:24 Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness and Lebanon, from the river, the river Euphrates, even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be.

God is on the Throne and he can bring another Awakening —

God is in the waiting room – not us.

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