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Sharia Law and the Bill of Rights – Part 3

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Islam Bill of RightsToday we are continuing our series on Islam and the Bill of Rights. We are showing how Islamic law, Sharia Law, violates the constitutional protections given to us in the Bill of Rights.

Yesterday we started talking about two United States Congressmen who are Muslims, Keith Ellison from Minnesota and Andre Carson from Indiana. Both swore in on the Qur’an to protect the American Constitution and it’s laws. Today we are going to talk about how their upholding our Constitution is impossible if they are going to remain good Muslims because Islam requires them to destroy those very principles.

The reason their oath is illegitimate is that the book upon which they swore teaches that the only acceptable religion is Islam, and that they can lie in order to advance Islam. These two Congressmen are ether swearing a false oath to Allah or are lying to us when they swear their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Since they are allowed to lie to the infidels (us) in order to advance their religion, I believe they are lying to us.

Why do our governmental institutions use the Bible when people are sworn into office? It is because the freedoms that have made America unique have their source in the Bible. The Declaration of Independence, the founding document of the United States, tells us that the source of our freedoms is the God of the Bible.

The fact that these two congressmen swore on the Qur’an means that they swore to uphold the Qur’an’s principles. This means that they swore to fight to overthrow the five principles found in the First Amendment. It also means they can lie about their true objectives. The Qur’an teaches that it is wrong to lie, but it makes a clear distinction when it comes to defending Islam. Not only can Muslims lie to unbelievers when defending Islam, they are encouraged to do so.

The Islamic principle of taqiyah allows a Muslim to lie if they are in a position where it is necessary to protect their cover. They can lie to the non-Muslim but not to the Muslim, when it is necessary to protect their objective of advancing or protecting Islam. For this reason the oath of office of these two congressmen is invalid and should be annulled.

Some Muslims will quote a verse in the Qur’an that says “there is no compulsion in religion.” They will not tell you that this verse has been abrogated. Abrogation is when later revelation from Allah contradicts earlier revelation, the latter revelation abrogates or supersedes the older.

In Islam there are two houses, the house of Islam and the house of war. There is no middle ground, You are either a Muslim submitted to Islam or in the house of war.

Muhammad used parts of the Jewish and Christan Scriptures and supposed revelations from Allah in forming his religion. While he was in Mecca he had very few converts. After he was run out of Mecca and moved to Medina things changed. In Medina Muhammad used the sword and amassed a great number of followers. The tone of the Qur’an changed and there became absolute compulsion in religion.

As a result of this change, many of the later verses of the Qur’an contradict the earlier verses. Even the Muslims around Muhammad questioned these contradictions. The response of Muhammad was that Allah told him that the latter verses abrogated the earlier verses. Abrogation means that they supersede the earlier verses.

When a Muslim uses the verse that says there is no compulsion in religion, either they are ignorant of the whole teaching of the Qur’an, or they are using taqiyah and lying. In other words, they are trying to tick us, knowing full well that when they gain the upper hand, and the will if we don’t wake up and stop them, they will apply the later passages that tell them to kill the infidel or put him in dhimmitude.

While Muslims live under “Dar al-harb”, the house of war or the house of the infidel, they are permitted to live by the early, or abrogated, passages. Once they reach a point where they can, they are commanded to live in “Dar al-Islam”, the house of Islam, and to live by the later verses.

Those Muslims who cooperate with the inter faith movements are operating under the rules of taqiyah and using the earlier verses. They are deceiving us by making us think we have nothing to fear from Islam, knowing full well that when they have the power to do so they will force us to convert to Islam or die.

Those of you who follow Fortress of Faith know that Muslims are infiltrating our institutions. They are major players in our national security organizations, they are taking over our school boards, they are involved in the writing of our national security training documents, and in many other areas. As they move from the house of war to the house of Islam we are seeing an increase in their boldness. Soon they will be working to get Sharia Law accepted here as they have done in the UK.

There is no freedom of religion in Islam, nor can there be. The only thing that keeps Muslims in Islam is the threat of death upon all who leave it. After the death of Muhammad many of his followers left Islam and the leaders turned to the sword to stop the exodus. That same threat is hanging over the heads of Muslims today. The death threat is not just for leaving Islam for another religion, it is also for those who happen to be of another strain of Islam from that the strain that is in power. Let me add that the different strains have the same goals, it is is the methods that they differ.

We need to wake up to the fact that there is an enemy living among us. They are coming in under the guise of being peaceful and friendly. In fact they are building a foundation upon which they can overthrow our way of life and instill Islamic law. We need to put our foot down and tell the Muslims that they have every right to practice the religious part of Islam, the first three hundred or so pages of Sharia Law, but that the rest is not going to be tolerated because it violates our Constitution.

If Nazism or Fascism were brought into our nation we would oppose them and pass laws against them. Sharia Law is very similar to these two isms and is only tolerated because it has a deity attached to it.

We not only have to oppose Islam, we need to work to liberate Muslims from the slavery of Islam by reaching them for Christ. They are Islam’s victims also.

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