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Sharia Law and the Bill of Rights – Part 5

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Islam Bill of RightsSo far in our look at Sharia Law and the Bill of Rights we have looked at the freedom of religion. Today we want to look at the freedoms of speech and of the press.

Freedom of speech is a necessary part of the freedom of religion. It is necessary to evangelize, and even to preach the precepts of religion. Islam cannot allow the freedom of expression because it teaches that only Islam can be preached.

As we look at the freedom of speech we need to remember that we are also talking about the freedom of the press. These two freedoms are so closely related that you can’t have one without the other.

Let’s look at some examples of the abridgment of these freedoms by Islam.

The Danish Cartoons in Denmark

The publisher’s goal was to show that in Denmark they still had freedom of speech, and that Denmark was not an Islamic nation. He asked his readership to submit some drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, know that this was forbidden under Islamic law.

Islam teaches that to draw a picture of anything having to do with Allah, including his Prophet, Muhammad, is making a graven image, and is punishable by death. This is in opposition to our freedom of expression included in the freedoms of speech and the press. When we have these freedoms we have the freedom even to be offensive as long as it doesn’t violate other laws, like the laws of libel.

The Imam’s, not satisfied that these cartoons did not create the outrage among Muslims they hoped for, added more images that were not published, and showed them in Egypt as if they were. This created a lot of outrage and resulted in loss of life. Death threats were put upon the publisher and the cartoonists.

To read more about this read our post “The Story Behind The Danish Cartoons.”

Islam commands the violation of our First Amendment rights of the freedom of expression. If Islam is going to get a foothold in this nation they have to demolish the First Amendment so that it can shut down those who tell the truth about Islam, ministries like Fortress of Faith.

We are going to stop here for today. Tomorrow we are going to look at how it is for those who live in Islamic countries when it comes to the freedom of expression.

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