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Islamic Infiltration Into America (Stealth Jihad)

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John GuandoloJohn Guandolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who served nearly seven years as an active duty Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marine Corps.

In 2006, Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first Counter terrorism Training/Education Program focusing on the Muslim Brotherhood and their subversive movement in the United States, Islamic Doctrine, and the global Islamic Movement. He was designated a “Subject Matter Expert” by FBI Headquarters.

Today Mr. Guandolo is a private citizen but he still does some training for the government. He lectures a lot on the issues of Islam and the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood groups such as Hamas, which is a terrorist group that was born out of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On today’s broadcast I played an interview with John and this post is based upon that interview.

To help understand the relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in the US let’s take a look at the trial of the Holy Land foundation. This foundation was indited right after 9/11. It was the largest Muslim charity group in America and was a Hamas front. Hamas is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood.

Much was learned in this trial about operatives working to make America a Muslim state. Many of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups were exposed like ISNA, CAIR, The Muslim Student Association, etc. Today every major Muslim organization in America is a Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The most important thing for us to understand is that the Muslim leadership in America is primarily Muslim Brotherhood. Many of the Muslim advisers within the government are affiliated with these Muslim Brotherhood groups. How much can we trust these advisers when we know that the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to overthrow our government? There method is not a revolt against our government, it is a longterm strategy to work from within.

When we talk about CAIR we are talking about a terrorist organization that is legally operating here in North America. CAIR is not involved in terrorist acts themselves, but they are connected with those who do and they have the same heart and the same goal as the terrorists. There strategy uses stealth and is more deceptive than those who use bombs and guns. They are slowly chipping away at this nation’s foundations.

Mr. Guandolo was scheduled to go to Kansas and the sheriff there was bullied (a carefully chosen word) by Muslim Brotherhood organizations to cancel the event. Ibrahim Hooper, who is the Hamas leader in the US, and other key leaders, all based in Washington DC, brought presser to bear upon the sheriff to cancel the event.

When those officers who are trained by Mr. Guandolo finish the training they understand why the Muslim organizations protest. He doesn’t just give his opinion, John gives solid evidence of the nature and goals of these Islamic groups. The reason he calls is book “Raising A JihadiGeneration” is because all of these Muslim groups form a massive jihadi network. This is not some “conspiracy theory,” it is based on facts already in evidence in the terrorism trials.

Fortress of Faith has been on national radio for more than three years now and not once have we been challenge on the facts that we present. The reason being that we work hard to use only credible sources. We work hard to make sure that the facts we present are actually documented factsthat cannot be questioned. We are not perfect, and on occasion something might slip through, but we work hard to makes sure we are correct in what we present.

If you are not sure about what we are saying about these groups within our borders that are trying to overthrow our government and our way of life, check it out for yourself. I often say, don’t just take my word for these things, check it out. The evidence is out there for anyone who will take the time to find it. We give you the links to our sources on this website so there is no reason for you to be unsure of these things. Once we understand that there is an enemy trying to overthrow us from within we must take a collective stand against it.

What can each one of us do to stop this attempt to take over our nation? The first, and the most important thing we can do is be informed and understand the basics of what is going on. We need to remember that the vast majority of Islamic leaders in America are hostile. As such, what they say cannot be trusted, especially when you understand that Islam teaches them to use deceit to overthrow the “enemy.” The enemy from their point of view is us.

You might say that this is America, and in America you are innocent until proven guilty. This is true and the evidence proves that they are guilty. You just have to look at it and you cannot come to any other conclusion.

In Mr. Guandolo’s research he has found that 100% of the interfaith groups (between Christians and Muslims) are run by the Muslim Brotherhood. If someone has found one that is not we would like to hear from you.

A good starting point is to ask why pastors are silent on this issue. There are upward of 100,000 Christians that are being killed each year by Muslims around the globe. Why is there almost complete silence on the issue from the pulpits in America?

You don’t have to go out on a limb, just challenge people factually. Ask your local media why they are not reporting on things like the killing of Christians by Muslims around the world. There are many well intentioned people in the media, religious organizations, and civic organizations that just don’t know the facts. Buy them a breakfast and just give them some of the basic facts on these issues. Here at Fortress of Faith we have given you the tools to do so.

If we don’t stand up and do something we will lose our freedoms and our whole way of life. What are you willing to do in your community to stop this?

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