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A Look At The Situation In Iraq

Listen to today’s broadcast:

ISISWe are keeping an eye on the important developments in Iraq. The situation in Iraq was mishandled by  our government and it will be a huge loss for America. We started fighting the war well and were victorious. The big mistake was to think that we could do nation building in an Islamic country without addressing the problems of Islam.

We spent one trillion dollars in this effort. Thousands of our young soldiers were killed and many more thousands were seriously wounded. We paid this price hoping to build a democracy in an Islamic country. I can’t over emphasize how great a mistake that was. We cannot fix the countries in the Middle East until we understand that the problem is Islam.

Islam demands a caliphate, it demands a government that is the opposite to the democracy we desired to establish in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will  never have peace in the region because Islam will oppose every effort we make to bring democracy to the area. Islam demands submission to Allah in all things. Our value system is considered ungodly to Muslims and Islam demands that they war against it. I used the word “war” deliberately. A look at the history of Islam will confirm that Islam’s response to disagreement is always war. The only time you can have peace with Islam is if you submit or are strong enough and willing to crush them.

On the broadcast today I played an interview with Sue Myric. She sat on the intelligence committee in Congress and she knows the facts on this subject. Rather than give you a transcript of the interview I suggest you listen to the broadcast by clicking on the player above. It is only 15 minutes long and I think you will learn much by listening to it than by reading it.

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