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Sue Myric Interview Part 2

Listen to today’s Broadcast:

ISISYesterday on the broadcast we played part of and interview with Sue Myric. She is a former Congresswoman. She served 18 years in government and sat on the intelligence committee. She has insight into what is going on concerning terrorism. Today we played the second part of this interview. She shared with us some of what she has learned.

She will talk to us about existing terrorist cells in America. It is not a figment of someone’s imagination, nor is it something made up by some conspiracy theorist. She is somewhat limited because some of the information is still classified.

She talks about how they are using businesses they start here to raise money which they send overseas to support terrorist activities. She was called a racist and other names when she first pointed this out.

She answers question on the purging of anything that ties Islam to terrorism from our government’s training manuals. The law enforcement organizations, the police, FBI, etc., cannot consider the fact that someone is a Muslim in investigating suspicious activity.

She points out that it was not just the Obama administration, there were problems in the Bush administration also. It may have been better under Bush, but there was still a blindness on this issue. Remember, President Bush called Islam a religion of peace.

She also spoke to us about how this administration has dealt with Israel. Congress has strong support for Israel, but the present administration is at best weak, and seems to actually to support Muslims over Israel. It cannot be trusted to be fair in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Again, I suggest you listen to the broadcast so you can hear in her own words what is going on.

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