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Islam In Prophecy – Part 4

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(Editor’s note – In today’s broadcast we will look at Islam in prophecy. We need to understand that prophecy, looking forward, is like looking through a fog. The major points are reasonably clear, but the details are difficult to discern. The closer we get to the events, the more clear the details become. Looking back the details become absolutely clear and we see that only God could have predicted them with such accuracy.

The views expressed in this broadcast are the views of Walid Shoebat and are not necessarily those of Fortress of Faith. I don’t say this, not to discredit his views, but to say that there may be some details that we disagree with. I want to emphasize that what Walid has to say is well worth listening to and studying out for yourself.

Some of the things we will be looking at today may be completely new to some of you. You may even take issue with some things you will hear. That is fine. We are trying to discern the details of some pretty cryptic language. We, in America, look at prophecy through the filter of our western culture. As Walid talks to us about prophecy, he is looking at it through his middle eastern culture. We need to remember that the Bible is a middle eastern book.

Listen carefully to the broadcast and then take some time to search the Scriptures to see what fits. If you find some things that you don’t think fits do as when you eat chicken, eat the meat and spit out the bones. The most important thing is to listen with an open mind and don’t reject something just because it is different from what you have been talk. Remember, much of prophecy is written in symbolic language, and symbols can me seen differently by different people.)

shoebatLet’s look at the nations around Israel and places like Gog and Magog and how they fit into Bible prophecy.

Every country that God wars with in the last days is Muslim. Some say that China is mentioned but the language of the Bible calls the force that musters the great army the “kings of the east.” Notice that this is not a king, but kings. The Muslim nations east of Israel can easily muster an army of 200 million men.

The whole concept of Russia is basted upon the words Meshech and Tubal being in Russia. Meshech being Moscow and Tubal being Tobolsk. Historians will tell you that Mesheck is Mushki and Tubal is

To get a full picture of the alignment of nations read Ezekiel 28-32.

The Islamic nations will be destroyed when Christ returns in Revelation 19.

The thing that is important for us right now is to continue to pray for Israel. Israel is surrounded by enemies who want to wipe her off of the face of the earth. This is exactly what we see in end-time prophecy. This will not end until Christ comes back an defeats the armies of Antichrist, the Islamic hordes.

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