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Miriam Ibrahim has been released again

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Meriam Ibrahim releasedI want to start with some good news today. Miriam Ibrahim has been released again. Remember, she was convicted of apostasy and sentenced to death. She was released by an appeals court and then arrested again at the airport, claiming she had falsified papers. Don’t think that she is safe. She will be in danger until she gets out of Sudan and into a western country where she has the freedom to be a Christian.

What an example this Christian woman is for us. I can’t help but wonder, how many Christians here in the West would take the stand that she has taken? She is a young mother and her crime is her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. She was given the opportunity to renounce Christianity and go free. I admire the faith and strength of these Christians who live in Muslim countries. They take their Christianity seriously, knowing that they put their life in danger simply by being a Christian.

How real is the faith of most Western Christians? How willing are they to stand for their faith at any cost? Jesus Christ is the Saviour, He is God in the flesh, He is the one who came and dwelt among us and gave His life to pay for our sins. He gave His life for us. How many of us would be willing to give our lives for Him?

This young lady was put to the test. I praise God for her faith and her willingness to stand for Christ whatever the cost. It is my hope that she will get to come to America and that we will be able to get her on our program and learn from her faith and courage. This may help many of us deepen our walk with Jesus Christ.

When you see a devout Muslim, don’t think of him as a potential enemy, think of him as a potential Apostle Paul. Remember, Paul (Saul) was a devout enemy of Christianity. He was totally given to the destruction of Christians and Christianity. When he came to Christ there was a miraculous change in his life. You know the persecution he endured for Christ and the Gospel.

Muslims who are willing to die for their god and then their eyes are open to the truth of the Gospel and they realize that they were about to throw their whole life away for something false, will have the same passion to live for Christ. We should be tools in the hands of God used to get these Muslims into the Scriptures so God can open their eyes to the truth.

Now I want to draw your attention to something that went on in British Columbia. My source for this is an email from Ezra Levant of Sun News. In the city of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island we had an anti-Christian event. On May 5th the anti-Christian bigotry of the city council was on full display. They voted 8 to 1 to ban a Christian themed leadership conference that was scheduled for their city’s convention center just four days later.

The city councillors condemned the event as “hateful” and compared it to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram. They said the decision to ban the event from public property was no different than if they had voted to ban an organized crime ring.

It was vicious. Nothing came close to the vile bigotry spewed at that meeting by Nanaimo councilor Jim Kipp. He didn’t beat around the bush – he was against Christians, especially “strong Christians.” He is the one who compared them to terrorists and criminals.

You can see the shocking video of the city council meeting for yourself here. Fast-forward to 12 minutes into the video to see the barrage. You will be disgusted and shocked. One councilor, Bill Bestwick actually suggested that city hall politicians have the power to interfere with the conference, and literally to black out the simulcast when a Christian pastor was scheduled to speak. Bestwick was very excited about his role as a self-appointed religious censor.

The Christian theme leadership conference and its organizers weren’t even told about the meeting that was being held to denounce them. They weren’t invited to make their case, or even to give the basic facts about the conference to the know-nothing bigots who were denouncing them. The conference, called Leadercast, based in Atlanta, and that was to be simulcast on TV screens in Nanaimo, was the oposite of hateful. It had world-class speakers like former First Lady Laura Bush, and South African Noble Prize laureate Desmond Tutu.

The Nanaimo bigots banned it anyway. Their motion couldn’t have been clearer: anyone that these politicians denounced as “divisive” or “hateful” would be banned from renting space at Nanaimo’s convention center: “any events that are associated with organizations or people that promote or have a history of divisiveness, homophobia, or other expressions of hate not be permitted and as such, advise the VICC not to permit in a City owned facility, the upcoming Leadercast event that is scheduled for 2014-May-09”

What irony. It is the city council that is divisive. It is the city council that couldn’t control its hatred of Christians.

We cannot let this stand.

Imagine if it were a Jewish or Muslim or Sikh or Hindu group that was denounced in this vicious manner. It is impossible to imagine. The media reaction would have been immediate and powerful – and the bigoted councilors would have been forced to resign.

Let them know what you think:

Jim Kipp is at (250) 753-5212 and his email is [email protected]a

Bill Bestwick is at (250) 753-7065 and his email is [email protected]

Be kind in what you say to them. Don’t give them ammo to use to support their hatred. Be an example of Christian caracter and grace.

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