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Islamic Propaganda Machine – Part 2

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CrucifiedBiISISToday I want to draw your attention to some news in the Middle East. The Islamic group ISIS has changed its name to simply the Islamic State. It has reached a new low in what it is doing. They are now crucifying their enemies. We know of two Christians who were crucified in the Christian city of Raqqa. This city has been placed under Dhimmitude by this group. Nine others we know of were crucified and one survived after 8 hours of torture.

Islam does not believe that Jesus was crucified. The Qur’an teaches that Allah rescued Jesus and that someone else was crucified in his place. Allah placed Jesus’ image on the other fooling everyone into thinking that Jesus was crucified.
Islam takes great offense to signs of the cross. Muhammad said that when Isa (the Muslim Jesus) returns he will break every cross and kill every pig. The killing of the pigs is symbolic of the killing of the Jews and breaking every cross is symbolic of killing all the Christians.

Here is a verse that jumped out at me a few days ago. It is Hebrews 13 “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.” (Hebrews 13:3) This verse tells us that we are to remember those who are suffering persecution for their faith as if it was us ourselves. We should not only be appalled, we should feel a personal attachment with those who are suffering at the hands of Islam.

propagandaIn previous posts we have talked about the major players in the propaganda machine like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. You can find more information on these groups by searching the articles on this site.

In Islam it is morally acceptable to lie to advance the cause of Islam. Muhammad often said, “War is deceit.”

Muhammad saw anyone outside of Islam as an enemy. Islam divides the world into two groups, the house of Islam and the house of war. Islam teaches that it has the right to employ tactics of war against all who are in the house of war.

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There are Muslims who don’t believe all of what Islam teaches. There are even agnostic Muslims who are not even sure they believe in God.

To understand why there cannot be true moderate Islam you have to understand this idea of the house of Islam and the house of war. Those who don’t understand this cannot properly defend themselves from the Taqiyya of Islam.

In the early years of Islam, when Muhammad was in Mecca, he promoted a peaceful Islam. This is when passages like “there is no compulsion in Islam” were “given.” At that time he was not forcing Islam upon others because he did not have the power to do so.

Muslims, in situations like in the US, can live by these early verses and live peacefully for a time. Once they reach a point where they can influence society they are to become more forceful. Once they have enough power they are to follow Muhammad’s example and use political assassinations and warfare to force Islam upon society.

Once this state is reached there is no option. The early verses are abrogated and now the Muslim must use jihad to overthrow society and force people to submit to Islam. If you study the Qur’an you will see the change in tone of the passages concerning non-Muslims.

Just as before WWII the political leaders refused to see the true face of Nazism, our political leaders are refusing to see the true face of Islam. They refuse to look at the evidence around the world and see that when Islam gets enough strength, it uses the sword to force itself on everyone. You either submit or die, there is no other option.

This lines up perfectly with the teachings of the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad. This should be all the proof we need that there is no true moderate Islam. For the true Muslim it just depends upon which house he is in, the house of Islam, where he must war against the non-Muslim, or the house of war, where he must pretend to be at peace with the non-Muslim.

Most Americans are not familiar enough with the history of Islam to know that early in its formation Muhammad borrowed much of his teachings from Christianity. He taught a peaceful Islam. After he was rejected and thrown out of Mecca and went to Medina, everything changed. He became a warlord and suddenly the “revelation” from Allah changed. It is in these later passages that we find the commands to kill all who will not submit to Islam. These passages abrogate or supersede the earlier verses.

The so-called moderate Muslims only quote the early passages. Our ignorance of the principle of abrogation allows them to deceive us (taqiyya) into believing that these passages represent the real Islam when, in fact, they have been superseded. True Islam is based upon the passages from Medina, not the passages from Mecca.

One thing that should cause us to wake up is what happens when Islam is criticized. This “peaceful religion” threatens to kill anyone who dares to be critical of Islam.

Look at what is happening in the Middle East right now. So we not see Muslims killing other Muslims who disagree with them. Those who try to create “moderate Muslim state” are killed by those who follow the true teaching of Islam and the example of Muhammad.

Lying to non-Muslims is a virtuous thing in Islam. It is commanded.

When Muslims who follow their scriptures have enough power they go to the “moderate Muslims” and ask if they are true Muslims, willing to join them, or apostate Muslims. If the “moderates” don’t join them they are killed. Just look at what is happening in Iraq and Syria today.

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