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The Islamic Propaganda Machine – Part 3

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propagandaThere are Muslims who don’t believe all of what Islam teaches. There are even agnostic Muslims who are not even sure they believe in God.

To understand why there cannot be true moderate Islam you have to understand this idea of the house of Islam and the house of war. Those who don’t understand this cannot properly defend themselves from the Taqiyya of Islam.

In the early years of Islam, when Muhammad was in Mecca, he promoted a peaceful Islam. This is when passages like “there is no compulsion in Islam” were “given.” At that time he was not forcing Islam upon others because he did not have the power to do so.

Muslims, in situations like in the US, can live by these early verses and live peacefully for a time. Once they reach a point where they can influence society they are to become more forceful. Once they have enough power they are to follow Muhammad’s example and use political assassinations and warfare to force Islam upon society.

Once this state is reached there is no option. The early verses are abrogated and now the Muslim must use jihad to overthrow society and force people to submit to Islam. If you study the Qur’an you will see the change in tone of the passages concerning non-Muslims.

Just as before WWII the political leaders refused to see the true face of Nazism, our political leaders are refusing to see the true face of Islam. They refuse to look at the evidence around the world and see that when Islam gets enough strength, it uses the sword to force itself on everyone. You either submit or die, there is no other option.

This lines up perfectly with the teachings of the Qur’an and the example of Muhammad. This should be all the proof we need that there is no true moderate Islam. For the true Muslim it just depends upon which house he is in, the house of Islam, where he must war against the non-Muslim, or the house of war, where he must pretend to be at peace with the non-Muslim.

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Most of the propaganda comes from groups aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, but that is not the only source. There is also propaganda coming out if Iran. The government of Iran has operatives in the US today. They are not only trying to infiltrate our government, they are trying to infiltrate our churches.

If you have been following current events you know that our government has loosened sanctions against Iran and seems now ready to negotiate with this terrorist state. Since the new Prime Minister, Rhanni, has come to power our government thinks Iran is now “moderate.” However, the United Nations reports that persecution of Christians has increased since Rhanni came to power.

Rhanni was the head of Iran’s Nuclear program. How can we think that he is willing to let it go. He is an Imam and is dedicated to the advancement of Islam by all means, including war.

Our government sanctioned a trip by a group of “Christian” leaders to start the inter-faith dialogue. It was headed up by a pastor named Joel C. Hunter, a spiritual advisor to President Obama. He is the pastor of a mega-church. His church is Northland Church in Orlando, Fl. Pastor Hunter is on the Advisory Council On Faith Based Neighborhood Partnership, Advisory Board of the National Association of Evangelicals, and the Word Evangelical Alliance.

He as been actively involved in fighting against those who oppose the imposition of Sharia Law in America. He has been seen with those involved with CAIR. He has positioned himself to be a counter-force to what he calls “Christian Zionists,” those of us who support Israel. He is a leader among “Christians” who support Palestine over Israel.

Iran is sending “students” to America to spy on American churches on the behalf of the Iranian government. One church in Washington State has brought an Imam into their services to build inter-faith relations.

photo 1 photo 2

The pastor of this church has been confronted with the truth and still feels that he was not wrong to bring this Imam into his church, giving him a platform to present Islam, and confusing the members of his church.

Who was this Imam? He was wearing a black turban. In Islam that means he is a descendant of Ali, and that he is an ayatollah, and re representative of the Iranian government. The pastor met him at an interfaith conference in Washington DC, one of the same conferences that Joel Hunter is behind. Do you see the connection?

They are in America, they are in our churches, and they are trying to give us the picture of a moderate Iran. May God have mercy on us and wake us up to what is happening in America.

We are showing the Muslims that we have an apatite for their propaganda and they keep feeding it to us. We are about to repeat the same mistake that Europe made before WWII. Remember that the Muslims were with Hitler in WWII and they learned his propaganda methods. If we don’t wake up we will have the same results.

May God open the eyes of those in leadership in our government. Sadly this is not likely to happen because we have elected government officials who do not fear God. There are consequences for that and we are experiencing them in our nation today.

We should all be praying that God will wake us up before it is too late.

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