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BeatenTeenI’m sure most of you heard about the recent kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teens over the weekend. Did you notice that our State Department did not condemn this horrible incident?

Also in the news there was a Palestinian was arrested by the Israeli police. The young man was beaten by the police and the State Department calls for a “credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force.”

While we strongly condemn the treatment of the Muslim teen by the Israeli police and agree with the State Department’s call for an investigation, here is a question I can’t help but ask; Why the outcry for a Muslim teen who was beaten, and no comment on three Israeli teens who were killed?

Another disturbing fact concerning President Obama is that on the 4th of July he visited a mosque and gave a speech rather than celebrating the foundation of our great nation. When you couple this with the administration’s handling of the events mentioned above and Obama’s constant support for Muslims is it any wonder that people keep saying that he is a Muslim.

President Obama was raised a Muslim and has never publicly renounced his Muslim faith. According to the teachings of Islam, this means that he is still a Muslim. Islam allows Muslims to lie and say they are Christians for the advancement of Islam as long as they don’t renounce Islam.

SupportIsraelNow I want to look at the increasing support for the Palestinians and the turning from supporting Israel in the Christian community.

The subjects we deal with at Fortress of Faith are important issues, but I think that today’s subject is one of the most important. There are grave consequences for turning our back on Israel. One of the reasons that God has blessed this nation is because of our support for His chosen people.

There are forces in our churches that want to actively turn us away from supporting Israel. They want to poison the hearts and minds of American Christians against Israel and turn us toward the Palestinians. It is a concerted, well funded global effort. Most Christians are ignorant of what is happening.

Genesis 12:3 says “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

The warning signs are already here. The more we turn our backs on Israel, the more we see our nation in decline. In a previous broadcast we dealt with how God has judged the UK for its dealing with Israel. We can look at what happened to this once great nation when it gave in to the Muslims in the dividing of the land after WWI.

I believe that one of the main reasons that America has not yet lost its position in the world is that Israel is the number one recipient of US foreign aid. What many people don’t know is the the number two recipient of our foreign aid is one of Israel’s enemies, Egypt.

The reason the anti-Israel sentiment is growing in our churches is because of the growing support for what is called “Replacement Theology.” It is Covenant Theology with a new coat of paint. It takes the promises that were made to Israel and gives them to the “church.” We will deal with this subject in the last segment of today’s broadcast.

The Presbyterian Church USA recently voted to remove their investments in companies that support Israel. This should not surprise us because that have already had some bad votes on moral issues. The purpose of this is to make a political and theological statement. The vote was 310 to 303 so it passed by only 7 votes. Two years ago they tried the same thing and it failed by 2 votes so you can see that the tide I changing.

When you look at the Presbyterian Church USA you see that it is a church in decline. It is loosing money, members and influence. Its clergy are weak in their stand for biblical principles. The Methodist denomination has done the same thing so we can see that this is a trend.

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