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Evangelical Christians Turning Against Israel – Part 2

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SupportIsraelYesterday we started looking at how evangelical Christians are turning against Israel. Today we are going to continue on this same subject. There is a doctrine called “Replacement Theology” that is largely responsible for this change in attitude in many Christian circles. We will will start looking at this doctrine tomorrow. Today we are going to look at what is happening and see how wide spread it is.

When Shahram Hadian, my co-host on our Saturday broadcasts, ran for governor in Washington State he found that there were Christians who asked him why he stood behind Israel. They said that Israel was an apartheid state and was the oppressor killing Palestinians.

He also found that the Washington State government boycottes Israel. It refuses to trade with Israel. Individual companies can trade with Israel, but the state cannot.

The decline in support for Israel among Christians is hard to understand, but it is true. Of all people, Christians should be the strongest supporters of Israel.

In October 2010, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life conducted a major survey of evangelical leaders attending the Third Lausanne Congress of World Evangelization in Cape Town, South Africa. When asked with which side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict they sympathized, these leaders answered as follows:

All Evangelicals (Global)

Sympathize With Israel—34%
Sympathize with the Palestinians—11%
Sympathize with Both Equally—39%

American Evangelicals

Sympathize with Israel—30%
Sympathize with the Palestinians—13%
Sympathize with Both Sides Equally—49%

This is a shocking poll, but this shows the impact of this intentional effort to turn Christians away from Israel. What makes this so shocking is that it was not long ago that almost 100% of evangelicals supported Israel.

When we look at Replacement Theology later we will see why Christians are not seeing why the support of Israel is so important.

Anti-Israel Palestinian Christians such as Sami Awad and Naim Ateek have traveled the country trying to turn American Christians against Israel. They have a conference each year at Bethlehem Bible College in the West Bank called “Christ at the Checkpoint” which tries to create the image the Jesus was a Palestinian.

In 2010, the conference brought 250 Christian leaders and activists to Bethlehem; in 2012, that number was more than 600 including such mainstream evangelical leaders as mega-church pastor Joel Hunter and Lynne Hybels, wife of mega-church pastor Bill Hybels, who has since become a key evangelical critic of Israel.

Here is an interview between Alex Awad and Wayne Cordeiro, the pastor of a mega-church in Hawaii. In this interview both agree that Hamas should be given a chance.

Leaders like Joel Hunter and Lynne Hybels is taking pastors to Bethlehem trying to get them to support the Palestinians over Israel.

The ony pictures we see coming out of Palestine are those of shanty towns and poverty. This is a deliberate attempt to turn people against Israel. While these places are real, and there is poverty in Palestine, it is only part of the picture. Here are photos of the part of Palestine that we never see on the news:


We could do the same thing in America. We could take visitors to poverty stricken areas and make them believe that America is almost a third world country.


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